Tethering into DXO PL

I agree. The Sony background FTP transfer is great. It works with wireless or wired Ethernet for cameras with an RJ-45 Jack. It would be good if there were a setting in DXO where it automatically jumped to the most recent image added to the folder.

  1. take a pic
  2. 2 seconds later (while you’re still shooting even) the pic is FTPed in the background to the laptop or workstation
  3. DXO notices the new file, applies the preset and displays the image.

No “tethering” required.
The newer Sonys have 2x2MIMO and the WiFi transfers are VERY fast with a good router. Even with 50MB raw images.


Nothing wrong with your solution if you are OK with that but if you use Sony you can always try the Imaging Edge tethering. It´s really surprisingly goos as is the whole package including the viewer and the RAW-converter.

There are two or may be three advantages you won´t get with your solution:

  1. Sonys application Imaging Edge will be aware of the tweeks you might have done in the cameras style sheets. No other applications are what I know at least not Lightroom and Camera Raw. Don´t miss out that there are versions of EI even for phones and pads.

  2. The tethering application gives a much better control than your method

  3. An important advantage using the IE is that it´s Sony and will support your kameras files from day one when it gets released. DXO needed exactly half a year to fix support for my A7 IV files, which is just not acceptable for tools that are used even by professionals. No other vendor are that slow. For Lightroom and Capture One people got that support after a month or so.

The main difference between the class leading tethering in Capture One and Imaging Edge is that C1 gives you even better control than IE and that it even has a very useful control mask for image sharpness indication that I´m pretty addicted to when I take repro photos of old analog film media.