Switch between LA and global mode is confusing - This UI element should be redesigned


Currently the procedure allowing to switch between global and local adjustment mode is confusing :

  1. Activate Local Adjustments mode by clicking on the LA mode button.
  2. Create say, a Control Point and adjust some settings.
  3. Do not disable the Control Point icon by clicking on it but disable the Local Adjustments mode button.
  4. The Control Point remains visible. The mouse cursor is still the cursor associated to the Control Point.
  5. If you now go to say, White Balance, select the White Balance Color Picker and click somewhere in the image, you don’t adjust the White Balance but you create a new Control Point.

This applies to all Local Adjustments masking tools.

Edit : The implementation of the local/global switching mode has to be reworked because it leads to confusion and possible mistakes. A possible approach would be as described below by platypus :

If we had a switch that lets us select global or local mode, there would (all functions being usable in LA) be no need for extra tool panels.

Yup, this is something that needs looking at is the whole LA interactions scenario.

I assume, when you talk about disabling LA mode, you mean by using this button…

What you are missing is that it is not clicking on the brush that activates LA mode, it is actually only when you first choose a tool that LA mode is activated.

Likewise, to deactivate LA mode, you need to click on the Close button on the bottom of the window…

Although, for Windows, I think this doesn’t exist and you will need to type either Enter or Esc to quit LA mode

Yes. Thanks for the details. And no, the Windows version doesn’t have the Close button.

I think this is totally misleading because when disabling the Local Adjustment button, we return to the standard right panel. So, one might legitimately think that nothing related to LA mode is still active. This may lead to unexpected results as I demonstrated. If it’s not a bug, it’s (again) a real inconsistency in the UI design. Absolutely not logical.

Now I remember there was a discussion about LA mode a while ago but I didn’t follow this thread at this time. Sorry if I have duplicated an existing topic.

To leave LA mode in Windows you need to press the selected LA mode button. (One of the ones where you select what kind of Local adjustments you want.) Very easy to forget by the way…

This is not enough. One also has to explicitly deselect the masking tool button (e.g. Control Point or Luminosity Mask)) that is currently in use. Otherwise you stay in LA mode but with the standard (normal) mode interface in the right panel.

There’s more like this. The window cursor in denoising stays active too. I think it’s due to old procedural programming and not object driven.


That what I’m suspecting since a long time although using the Microsoft .Net framework clearly encourages object-oriented programming.

The color picker the same.


Thats exactly what I tried to say… :wink:

Tut mir leid, wenn ich Ihre Nachricht falsch verstanden habe.


If we had a switch that lets us select global or local mode, there would (all functions being usable in LA) be no need for extra tool panels. This would make the UI simpler and more consistent. Maybe change the slider handles to e.g. red to highlight the LA mode, @StevenL ?

Other than that: Add your votes!

@Pat91, your post is a bug report rather than a feature request. Change the thread title and add a proposal/request in your initial post?

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… which in fact does NOT disable the Local Adjustment (mask edit) mode, but only hides the RHS Local Adjustment palette.

In PL 6 the GUI was a lot clearer – see also here.

From what I remember when trying (very shortly) PL7, is that quitting local adjustment involves to much steps.
I vote.

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Yes, I’d love that!

Done. Initially the title was "Bug or feature ?..]. The fact that clicking in the image with what I thought to be a WB Color picker actually created a new Control Point instead of adjusting the WB decided for bug only. I still cannot decide between bug and bad design.

IMHO, a bug is when the program behavior doesn’t comply with the documentation. Otherwise it’s a design problem. Maybe it’s a documentation bug. It should make clear that the LA button is not a switch (especially because it was a switch in previous versions). But since closing the LA sub-palette does not disable LA mode but leaves it active while hiding the corresponding settings, this leads to confusion. I could not find anything in the documentation describing how to exit the LA mode (maybe I overlooked this).

So you’re right. This button should become a real switch. When putting it in the disabled state, most users are probably not planning to continue with local adjustments. I don’t see any advantage in staying in LA mode while hiding the corresponding LA settings and giving no feedback about which masking tool is currently active.


hmm, not quite …

In PL6 the switch for the LA (mask edit) mode is next to the word Tool
( but not the hardwired TAB above, which only shows/hides the RHS palette ).


  • an additional big blue LA button & switch in the top bar clearly shows,
    if the LA (mask edit) mode is active,

  • and the EQ shows the tools & adjustments (hovering over the pic)
    until the LA (mask edit) mode is switched off.

In PL7 things changed … and now cause confusion.

[ BTW, if the LA TAB turns off the LA (mask edit) mode, one should be able to turn it back on using the special mask tool icon in a custom multi-monitor LA palette. ]

( and yes, I’d love to have global and local mode unified as proposed … :slight_smile: )

I wish DXO used more color (and contrast) in the UI. The LA adjustments have the circle and brush next to them, but it be helpful to also add color to the icon or to the sliders as you suggest. I would also like to have some indication of which adjustments I modified such as the icon turning yellow or red or whatever instead of having to expand each adjustment. I agree the implementation of the LA interface is clunky. Vote added.


I agree that switching between global and local corrections is painful with the current setup. Also that quitting LA is awkward and though I’ve done it many times by now, I still get caught out with still activated tools.

I wonder though if anyone else shares my frustration with revisiting a previous local correction. I have to click on the local tab but then I would expect that if I clicked on an adjustment layer, the ‘control point / line / whatever’ would be shown on my image. I have to click on a tool for that, which seems counterintuitive.

I know that some like to set up their lines & brushes beforehand, deactivate them then use the sliders. In which case the current arrangement would suit them. I however, like to finesse the masks while testing adjustments. Perhaps there might be a better UI to suit both methods.

One thing that really gets in the way though is the previous mask showing itself (and obscuring my use of the tools) when I go near anything, despite having ‘show masks’ off.

This gets my vote as have similar requests going back an unsettling amount of time.


That’s what I meant. It seems that when it becomes difficult to describe something in a UI, then that UI probably has a design problem :slight_smile:.


Moving the “+” to the top left of the LA pane by the LA options (control point, control line, etc.) should lessen the amount of mouse movement (if not clicks) to add a new LA. I say top left because I mostly use control points and to a lesser extent, control lines.