Support for older Olympus raw files E-500

My daughter is using my old (but mint) E-500 and sadly my newly purchase PL5 does not support the body (E-510 is supported though). The E-500 files do work in other recent packages, including Luminar Neo so there must be a relatively straightforward way to allow them in as an ‘unsupported’ option even if DXO cannot add a custom profile? There must be a lot of users who still have significant libraries of images that they would love to revisit with the latest noise reduction/correction tech!

Here’s hoping :crossed_fingers::pray:

I have the same issue. I have thousands of Olympus E-500 .ORF files that DXO can’t read. Most frustrating!

Same here—I have hundreds of E-500 files that I’d love to process with PhotoLab.

Be careful with luminar software. I observed in the past that when it can’t process the raw data , luminar 3 for example use the embedded jpeg image without any warning.
I don’t know how it works for Luminar Neo but check it. The simplest method is to shoot in black and white if you can. If Luminar display black and white image then it didn’t process the raw data.