Stretcheable Advanced History and Presets palettes

I’ve dispatched the Advanced History and the Presets Editor panels to a second monitor and, now that I have the whole height of this monitor available, I’d like to fully stretch those panels but, as it is, they are limited to a certain height. Could this restriction be lifted ?

I would like to add that the histogram could also do with being a bit taller.

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… and wider a bit. The histogram can already be stretched in height a bit from its default, could be more. I cheated by scaling my “utility” monitor to 175%.

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Unfortunately, not on a Mac :unamused:

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Half the post I read are about problems with the Mac version. That’s a lot. Was PL multi-OS in the past ?

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Yes the Mac version has been around for very long time. And yes the Mac version seems to have various issues that are reported here, Some of them may be related to the fact that Apple releases a new version of MacOS almost every year resulting in some compatibility issues, although Mac users can speak to the subject better than I can.

However, keep in mind that there are also lots of differences between the Mac and the Windows version. Many tools are implemented slightly differently in the Mac version and more often than not they are preferable to the way they are implemented in Windows.

We have been told that these differences between the two systems are being addressed, but there is no published time frame for that to be completed.


Which, presumably, leaves the other half about problems with the Windows version :crazy_face: :blush:


I voted for this request - resizeable History and Presets. But maybe it should be merged it with an older request from Joanna, which I also voted for:

Or would it be helpful to make these two requests more different from each other? :slight_smile:

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Not quite, since we are too busy helping our Mac friends out of their misery. :wink: (j/k). :kissing_heart:


They seem to go pretty much together. My suggestion is really a subset of Joanna’s. Resizable palettes would be a boon. I especially enjoy big fat tone curves for delicate work.