Resizable palettes

I’ve just noticed that, if you drag a palette, like the presets palette, from the main window to the desktop or another monitor, even though we would benefit greatly from being able to expand its height to avoid scrolling, that it is impossible to change the size of the palette.

So you end up with this ridiculously small window and a lot of scrolling to do.

How about making palettes resizable when they are undocked? Or even when they are docked, if you take the case of the shrunken histogram we now have in PL4.

Yes, this shrunken histogram is eye-unfriendly for me (I hope everybody understands this direct translation from German to English). :blush:

something like this?

Both are from the same image.

What I mean, is the heigth of the histogram, not the width. In PL3 it was ok for me.

Like This?click for video (windows version)

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Wenn Sie Ihren Mauszeiger vorsichtig an den unteren Rand des Histogramms setzen, verwandelt er sich in einen Doppelpfeil, so dass Sie die Höhe vergrößern oder verkleinern können. Es kann schwierig sein, die genaue Stelle zu finden, an der der Doppelpfeil erscheint. Bei PL3 war es genauso. Der Unterschied besteht darin, dass in PL3 die Standardhöhe des Histogramms höher war.


Ok, I found it. This is really a bit tricky. But it works. Thank you. Before I was trying it with the grey frame and not with the colored histogram itself.

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Resizable palettes would be a very nice improvement. And please make all palettes resizable, including the ones in the light, detail, etc categories. By being able to make the palettes wider, the user will have more control when dragging the sliders to adjust. Each mouse movement would result in a smaller adjustment on a wider palette.
Another advantage to fully adjustable palette size would be the ability to completely fill a second monitor with the palettes and the image browser.


Don’t know if this has been previously suggested, it would be nice if panels with lists, such as presets and the new panel for keyword management, if the list view could be extended vertically to see additional items in the list rather than the fixed size and need to scroll to find items, especially with the new keyword list panel. On a large display, it could show a lot more keyword categories and item making it quicker to assign them to images.

If you’re asking for resizing display more content then I agree and I will vote for it. Keep in mind even if resizing is implemented there will still be some maximum value.


Already asked here, but without success … only 4 votes

I wouldn’t say it was “without success”. While 4 votes isn’t a lot, the first to respond was a DxO staff member who agreed with the proposal 100%! :grinning:

it’s true :crossed_fingers:

Would you like to merge both suggestions?

Svetlana G.

We talk about it here too.

In the case where one would have an important list of keyword, could we have the opportunity to be able to enlarge the height of the palette.
I moved this palette on a 2nd screen and will enlarge it on the height of it would be very helpful.

I agree 100%.



My opinion is that keyword management should be on a separate tab or popup window. It’s all very well and good having a small view when you have a limited vocabulary of keywords but when you look at something like the Foundation List, that has a couple of thousand, it becomes simply impossible to even navigate it.


For those interested: Lightroom Keyword List Project: Get the List

Note that these free lists cannot be imported into PhotoLab (no such function yet) :man_shrugging:

Thank you. Everything has been merged in one.

Svetlana G.