Still Life

How about a discussion on using PL5 to create Still Life images?

I’m sorry I can’t post RAW files here for you to play with but I’ll look at putting them on a cloud somewhere

Here’s an export of one I created this morning…


Very, very, nice!


I then went on to do this…

… which, much to my surprise, required very little work apart from my usual "black background’ tone curve, 1 stop more exposure, a slight vignette and a grad filter to blur the foreground in front of the subject.


Excellent images, Joanna!! What sort of lighting did you use? I’m intrigued by your 'black background tone curve! Going into winter is a great time for this discussion!

I use LED panel lighting, the one on the left with a soft box, the one on the right as a dimmer fill light with barn doors…

Here is the curve…

Capture d’écran 2021-11-20 à 18.09.46

Basically compressing all the deeper tones towards black.

I use something similar for star photography

Hello @Joanna ,

your still life looks great. What kind of fabric do you use for it so that there are no shiny spots or textures?

These were taken on the back of black velvet because I wanted some texture/tone. if I want to isolate the subject totally, I use the face side.

Thanks, Joanna, I’ll have to try that on a shots. I’m looking forward to the discussions. Nice setup.

I just bought myself a collapsible backdrop, so I can better separate the subject from it by placing it further behind the table so a limited depth of field would make it more blurred.

First attempt…


Hi Joanna,

background looks very interesting, and also the photo,
Could you please give us more information about the manufacturer and type of the background, and why you have choosen a collapsible one and not a classical “Fabric on roll”?

Thanks a lot

I found this on Amazon

I chose a collapsible one because this is my current still life “studio” because it has the highest table…

Also, I want to be able to take it on location portrait sessions.