Sorting on Shooting Date in Browser View

I would like to have an additional sorting option in browser view. The one I am missing is on shooting date and time as recorded in the EXIF data. Seems to be a simple thing to ask and would make my life converting from Adobe and Canon Utilities much easier.

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Is the existing sort-by Date option not working for you ? image

John M

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Hi John,
No unfortunately not. I have nearly all my photo’s loaded in the Apple Photo Library. I don’t have the original images anymore. I am exporting year by year with my Macbook photo’s from the Apple Photo Library to an external storage device with a backup to Apple iCloud.
The photo’s I get from the export have as creation date the date they were uploaded into the Apply Photo Library and not the actual shooting date. I see in my post the the spelling checker changed shooting date to showing date, I am sorry for that. I ment shooting date, which is still available in the EXIF data.
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DPL on macOS shows “Creation Date” which seems to be the “Capture Date” or “Shooting Date” - and not file creation date - as far as I can see from a short test.

PS: I prefer the word capture instead of shooting…in view of all the violence and wars going on.


It is interesting that the sort control reads Creation Date whilst the Exif data refers to Shot Date! That is on Mac.
Screenshot 2023-03-27 at 11.05.51|575x499

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@RobvanderMOST don’t forget to vote for your request.

In German it’s Capture Date. So we could leave the violence debate to the translators as I’m afraid the shooting won’t stop by renaming a UI text. And maybe find a different German term for snapshot?

But you’re right, in English a lot of shooting is going on, even photogs calling themselves shooter. Or the spray and pray term… or “machine-gunning” for continuous shooting.

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Sort by Date

exporting from an older raw-file into the same folder (regardless if as DNG, JPEG, TIFF / also Nik …)

  • when set to
    the output file appears next to the older original (SHOT / CAPTURE date)

  • but when set to
    the output file appears sorted by the new CREATION date


Hello All,

Thanks for all the quick responses. I am new in DxO land and am overwhelmed and impressed by the number of rapid responses. I did a new test myself and to be honest I don’t know what goes wrong where.

I don’t have issues with exporting, from Apple, photo’s made with a digital camera, but as it now appears with the one made in the analogue era as diapositive which where digitalised in the past via a Canon CanoScan 9950F. I export and convert them with Apple form JPEG to 16 bit TIFF while maintaining as much as possible metadata.

What happens is that opening in DxO PL 6.4.0 build 47 the directory where they were exported to, the TIFF photo’s are not ordered by sorting on on the same position as the JPEG export of physically the same photo. While when I check with COMMAND I the date shot they appear to be (time and date) identical. I can try to sort a much as I want but I can’t get it right.

When I look with FINDER in my directory I notice that the JPEG file has a Date Modified and Data Created off in this chase March 5th while the TIFF has today for both dates. The TIFF is positioned correctly by DxO sort but the JPEG gets a position earlier in time.

Not knowing what DxO use as Creation Date and the fact that DxO shows identical date and time information in both JPEG and TIFF files I drawn the conclusion that sorting on “date shot” would solve my problem.

My Mac is an 2021 M1 running MacOS Ventura.

Thanks for your support and time spend to help me.



Hi Wolfgang,

Thank you for your response. I am exporting with Apple Phone Library I believe what you showed are the DxO export options. I moving in the opposite direction.


Hi Platyus,

Thanks for your response.
Yes, name conventions and sticking to them, are a problem in many area’s



I fully support this request, PL6 has the ability to adjust shot date, great feature, but then cannot sort on it to confirm the result. With many photographers using a variety of cameras you are making it really difficult for the end users by only allowing sorting on file creation date (which I have never used in 20 years of digital photography)