Sony A7CR still no RAW on 7.1.0 build 35

Ok – that will help DxO staff to identify / solve the problem.


Sometimes running the Pure Raw DNGs through the Adobe DNG Converter can make this go away - for some reason.

Anyone hear back about an actual fix for OSX users yet? I have heard nothing from my support ticket, and see no updates here.

I got this on November 14:

Thank you, our Mac developers are working on this at this time. We will contact you when this has been resolved.
regards, Riley - DxO Labs Support Team

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Well, I have 19days trial time remaining, a capture license and and affinity installed… We’ll see how long it takes. I will not buy software which does not support one of my cameras…

It works for me now!


Yes !! Works for me too - just bought the license :slight_smile:

DxO Team, thanks for making this patch so fast.

Appreciate y’all.