Something exciting is coming


The DXO site is in maintenance, is PL7 approaching?
It is earlier than usual.

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Maybe the year next year will be 10 months!

News in other software publishers will also be announced in the coming days/weeks, DXO is getting ahead.

Something exciting? Yes, more discussions about pricing policies and then some :wink:


PhotoLab 7 was announced this morning!

  • Jon


just watched the PhotoLab 7 introduction video and wonder what are the new features?
I see nothing that I already have in 6!

So what is the exciting part?


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not really early, usually end of September just before big game hunt start :shushing_face:

Sure ?

Thanks for that!
I was more thinking about AI masking!

Looking at what’s new section on DxO site, I can’t see clearly interface images illustrating each new point (either size or compression problem).
And no way to enlarge them.

Is it only me or are those images so bad ?
I’d really like to see what settings new features allow.

Saw Pielo link after writing my post. It seems evrything is detailed there.
Anyway strange to see those bad and not really usefull images on the web site.

the ergonomic improvements are appreciable.

little gain it seems to me. (surtout face a la concurrence)

I’m going to try it to see if it’s worth updating or waiting for the next version

something exciting… LUTs
wait, only if you have filmpack? i guess i’ll stick to my regular workflow =/

Luminosity mask

The new Luminosity mask allows precise selection of the zones corresponding to a given brightness range.

– Use the eyedropper to select an area of the image to create a new mask OR
– Select one of 11 predefined zones based on the Ansel Adams zone system

@Joanna : it seems you’ve put your two cents there.

Not really. I might use the slider and wedge but the numbers are a pure fiction when compared with the real world of LF photography

The support for colour targets is brilliant! I was hoping for something like this and here it is.

Robin Whalley: Whats New in PhotoLab 7

“Today sees DxO launch PhotoLab 7. In this video I look at what’s new in the latest release of the software. I’ll be explaining the new features and demonstrating how they work to help you decide if PhotoLab 7 is right for you or not.”

Are you sure ?
where did you find this information ?
I did not found it in the “Support for lut” section of the pielo link above.

Note that they are doing a YouTube introduction in about an hour here:

  • Jon

So what is new in photolab 7 :

  • Local adjustments in palettes
    with some interface improvements

  • Local HSL correction
    missing hue picker.

  • New generic renderings

  • calibrated color profile creation

  • Support for LUTs

And what is not new or not avalaible in photolab 7 :

  • Luminosity mask
    Needs FilmPack 7 license.
    So unavalaible with PL update.

  • FilmPack7 options
    Needs filmpack 7 licence.
    So unavalaible with PL update.

  • Channel mixer
    not new for anyone with an old filmpack version.

  • Colors Accentuation
    nothing new. Just tools put in an other place.

Personally. I welcome focus DXO has on pro features, vs various fancy features, since there are lot of software out there promoting attention grabbing features, at the expense of pro features, stability etc. So I am glad DXO decided to stay with no subscription model, focus on color and tone improvements and user interface. Maybe not the best business decision, but a correct one I think. So many companies have abandoned pro users for subscribe users, that I’m glad to see DXO staying committed to quality, over quantity. Even if its slow progress, its a progress in correct direction in my view.

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