Some kind of Light Table

I would like to have some kind of light table to compare 2 or more photos…

  1. Developing original photo No.1 with different styles will give me for example one master and 3 different styles. To check and decide which one of them will the first photo for a set of 3 different photos to hang onto the wall, I would like to have them in DPL on the screen. At the moment I go into the print dialog like this example (it’s only an example to declare the problem not a finished developing)

2.After chosen one of these photos I take original photo No.2 and will make the same process like in 1.

  1. after step 2. I will go to original photo No3.and will make the same process like in 1. and 2.

  2. with the 3 results from 1. , 2. and 3. I will give them a chance by comparing this 3 results again in the light table, hoping I’ve made a good job, printing them, put them into a picture frame and hang it onto the wall.

Maybe some of you also miss these kind of function, if yes it would be nice if you give this feature a vote



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