Six buttons to display tools by families : local settings button to also include the red eye and repair/clone tools

There are six buttons to display tools by families (Light, Color, Detail, Geometry, Local Settings, and Creative)

Currently, Red eye and Repair/Clone are listed under detail.

I would like to move them to Local Settings.

Two solutions:

  • allow users to associate a palette with a button
  • reorganize as a new hard-coded organization

Thanks !

Hi Pierre.

Like this ? … image

If you were to define your own custom workspace - containing only your most often used tools - then they would be displayed when none of the category filter buttons are active … This provides a very flexible user-interface.

More on this here

John M

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Hi John, thanks for the reply.

Yes, I had read your earlier suggestion.

I find the current classification unintuitive. Red eyes and clone/repair are local corrections that the user has to place over the image ; in that sense they are similar to the plain “local settings” (using control points, the paintbrush and the gradient tool).

The red eyes and clone/repair tools are local in action whereas “sharpening” or “denoising” are global.

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I could argue that red eyes and blemishes to be removed are “details” of the photo, but you are not wrong to say they are local to areas of the photo chosen by the user, where all of the other “details” tools are not.

Which is to say I think I see how they got there but I agree they should move.