SilverEfex not saving

Keep trying to make use of SilverEfex 3

At the end, each time I try and save it the save progress bar loads, goes up to the end and then nothing. SilverEfex doesn’t save anything, doesn’t close, and while it remains open, Affinity hangs.

If I close it, nothing is saved tho’ Affinity unfreezes

I only really make use of ColourEfex and SilverEfex, so this is a big annoyance.

Hi, Stephen. Is this the same problem that you reported here? Silver Effex and Affinity

If so, you could have just bumped the older topic by posting there again. Sorry you’re not getting confirmation of your problem in that topic. But maybe the discussion here will help you:


Followed your link and found the solution - at least for my issue.

Remove PL4, leaving just PL5
Remove NIK 4 (leaving custom presets btw)
Re-install NIK 4

Silver Efex is now working perfectly (as is Viveza) as an Affinity Plugin. I rarely use NIK direct from PL, so having them working with Affinity was key for me

Thanks :grin: