Silver Effex and Affinity

Seem to be having a bug with Silver Effex not working with Affinity (Windows 10 64x)

It opens fine, all the controls work well.

However once I try to save the program simply does nothing. i.e it will not apply the effect to the layer in Affinity and I am forced to close Silver Effex with no modification to the layer

In other words, Silver Efffex will not work with Affinity

Anyone else having this issue?

no problem with AP + SEP3
(but the installation process with Nik has been soso)

also no problem with new installed AP + SEP3 (and 2)

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Siver Efex is working fine with Affinity for me too.

Affinity Photo
SIlver Efex 5,0.4 x64 (4.2.0) means Nik Collection 4.2.0

Although I prefer to run Silver as Stand Alone after exported to TIFF on AP.

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