Silver efex Save options

I’ve started to work with the NIK Collection 3 and don’t know if I missunderstood one option

  • export one Picture to SEP
  • make some settings
  • choose option for saving and come back later to continue
  • save
  • getting the TIFF File as expected
  • open this file again with NIK Collection SEP
  • don’t see my settings for example Filmtype Ilford Pan 100

I thought I will come back to the state i left the photo to make further adjustments.

At the moment for me it works only by save the settings as userdefined and assign them again

I forgot …it’s on Windows 10 20H2 system :smile:

what’s my mistake in thinking

what I have also noticed is that my plugin selector settings are different from the ones in the help under Non-destructive workflow (Nik Collection 3) (
mine are
Plugin selector Settings

in the help


Also after reinstall the NIK Collection nothing changed

Exporting from PhotoLab yes? The dialogue you are seeing is the Export To dialogue when to transfer an image to Nik Collection you should use the Nik Collection button and then select the app you want.

When you resend the Tiff file back to SEP make sure that you select “Export without processing” in the export options. “Process as Tiff” is only used the first time.

Hi folks,

I’ve used the Nik Collection button and where is the “export without processing” dialog.
See my first scrennshot…that are my choices

Apple on my eyes ?? :heart_eyes:

Thanks for all help

Export settings is a dropdown. Click it and you will find this as one option.

Dear Mark

thanks for the big screens :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

I didn’t noticed that, really

But does it mean when exporting a raw the first time I must set it “Action Export as Tiff” and re exporting a TIFF has set it to Action “Export without processing"

Thanks again to lead a blind the right way

Yes, this is entirely correct. How do I know? I made the same mistake at first. :crazy_face:

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Made a test

If I forgot to set the Export settings back to “Action Export as Tiff”, choose another Raw and export it to NIK SEP I got the message
export orf Export without processing

and after click the OK button an empty screen

sounds similar to problem @Brent has described here Error unsuported image format while launching an image from DXO P4 - Nik Collection by DxO - DxO Forums
Brent solved it by resetting settings…which perhaps is “Action export as TIFF”

best regards


The Nik collection will not accept RAW files. You need to send back the exact same Tiff file that you edited in SEP originally.

Dear Mark,

i agree but then it would be a good idea to create the program like this

  • if it’s Raw file then go to default setting TIFF
  • if it’s TIFF file then bring dialog again as TIFF with processing or TIFF without processing or JPEG

that would be a little kind of errorhandling to beware old man like me for getting confused :joy:

but now I’m happy and I will light a candle for you this evening :candle:

Dear Mark,

do you have also some ideas why my settings are so different from the one shown in the help
(see my second entry)

Or do we have to leave @stevenL from the chain.

Yes, I agree. This would be a great feature to have.

Thank you for being so considerate (is it Guenter?)

I’m not sure. I’m on Windows. Are you on Mac?

Im also on Windows

Hello Guenterm,
the screenshot PluginSelector from >> help >> Non-destructive workflow / Nik Collection 3 shows additional format options, which unfortunately is only available in the MAC Version.

While not everybody might use the different format options, resizing a file to accurate output-size first is recommended (if not to say critical) before processing in Nik Output Sharpener for printing. To resize as a last step counteracts sensible output sharpening (see also Dan Hughes tutorials).

So, as long the format options are not fully there, one can circumvent e.g. with export to disk …
lg, Wolfgang (WIN 10)

Dear @StevenL,

may I ask you to compare the different settings Wolfgang described and maybe put it on your list if there are lot of differences.

Thanks a lot


Yes, thanks @Guenterm.
I will give a deeper look at it…