Error unsuported image format while launching an image from DXO P4

I’m getting an “unsupported image format” error when I try to edit an Adobe DNG or ARW file in NIK collections 3 when launching from DXO 4 using the NIK collection button. Does anyone have a solution for this issue?

Hi Brent and welcome to the community. The Nik collection only accepts TIFF or JPG files for processing. You must convert your DNG and ARW files into one of these file formats in order to process them in the Nik collection apps.

Brent, what are the steps you are following to bring up an image in the Nik Collection? It looks like you’re launching a Nik application from within PhotoLab 4. If PL4 supports the DNG or ARW file, it will open that image when you select the file in the image browser. Then, when you click on the Nik Collection button and choose an application, PhotoLab 4 normally creates a TIFF export file and passes that along to Nik for you.

Thanks for the clue. PL4 wasn’t creating a .tiff file. I removed all traces of DXO PL3 and trashed the PL4 preferences and the transfer of files is now working perfectly.