Scrolling behaviour changed Mac

  1. I cannot zoom using the mouse wheel without holding the CMD key anymore.

  2. Mouse wheel does not work to scroll across the filmstrip anymore.

Try the Option key?

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Good to know, didn’t know the “trick” with the option key :wink: Works fine with magic mouse. Did use apple+/- normally for this.

I don’t want to hold any button. It was not required before the last update…

Navigating through the film strip without the mouse wheel is a nightmare.

For me, who just switched from Windows to Mac, this behavior is also a nightmare.
I can hardly believe that this is accepted by Mac users. You have to use two hands (!) just to scroll through the filmstrip, intuitive operation is something else. I’m getting the impression more and more that the Apple community hasn’t noticed how Windows has overtaken MacOs in terms of usability and design. It seems that people here have become accustomed to cumbersome operation. This doesn’t just apply to DxO Photolab.
But at least other programs offer the possibility to adjust this behavior, but DxO has not addressed this issue for years, although it has been requested again and again.

in Windows / PL 2, 3 ,4, 5, 6, 7

  • PhotoLibrary
    one hand
    to scroll & go through the thumbnails
    ← | → to go to the next thumbnail
    Ctrl + scroll to zoom the thumbnails’ size

  • Customize – Filmstrip
    one hand
    to scroll & go through the thumbnails
    ← | → to go to the next thumbnail

  • Customize - Preview
    one hand
    to scroll & zoom the preview

Is this thread about Windows?
Did I write that I switched to Mac?
But thanks again for reminding me of the benefits of the Windows version.


i didn’t misinterpret the title of the thread, but there’s no need for bashing.
That being said, i hope there will be a common UI one day and benefit from easy handling. :slight_smile:

I see the thread is from 2022, I just tested PL 5.16.0 on Mac, and I can scroll the film strip with only the mouse wheel, same like in windows. So I guess this has been fixed and this thread can be closed :wink: . Hooray. Except, they reintroduced the bug in PL6 or 7…

Oh, my apologies, I didn’t mean to bash anyone, but I didn’t understand at the time why you were posting this info about Windows here. Unfortunately, my problem is that it doesn’t work the same way on the Mac.

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If this worked in previous versions, it would be very helpful if it could be restored.
The scroll wheel is probably not so widespread on the Mac, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s much more ergonomic if you don’t have to press a button when scrolling. No matter whether you are zooming or scrolling through the movie strip.

Just to add: my request is for version 7 of PL.