Mouse wheel not scrolling when image browser is docked (Customize Tab)

Hello. I have JUST bought DXO Photolab 7 and im quite shocked to see that I cannot scroll my images using the mouse wheel when the image browser is docked in the Customize Panel. When I undock it, suddenly my mouse wheel does work…!!!

This is quite the user interface bug and I cant believe I am encountering it after just having bought the software.

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Mac or Win? Which version?
Please note that user interface for Windows and for Mac are based on two different platforms, so additional info is required.

PL7.5 on Windows 11 with all the latest patches here - mouse wheel scrolling works in both browser modes as expected.

Thank you for the reply. Im on a MAC , Sonoma 14.4.1

It is incomprehensible and annoying, especially as this worked in earlier versions of Photolab.
But there is a solution for this, the app SteerMouse (SteerMouse). 20 dollars well invested

I’ve just checked on my Mac and all seems fine scrolling sideways using a Magic Mouse…

You mention “mouse wheel” - does your “wheel” move sideways?

And, with a correctly configured mouse on a Mac, it still does.

In all the years of using Macs, with their own mice, I have never needed such an add-on.

I assume that this is not about a Magic Mouse. For example, with the Logitech MX Anywhere 3S it only works with the additional software. And I don’t think DxO can expect everyone to own an overpriced and, in my personal experience, less ergonomic Magic Mouse. Especially for users coming from Windows.
That’s why I think this requirement is quite justified, especially as other programmes manage it without any problems.

And of course it works with the Logitech mouse by holding down the Option key, but I don’t find that convenient because you have to use the keyboard and mouse at the same time.

I have tested on my side and it works perfectly.
I’m on the latest Sonoma (14.4.1) with Photo lab 7.5.1. No issues at all.

BTW, I never use a mouse in my Mac (only trackpad or Wacom). For this test, I grabbed my old Dell mouse (which has a scroll wheel), plugged it in (as usual my Mac asked me to grant access to this new devices), and as soon as I started scrolling using the wheel, images in the filmstrip were scrolling as expected.


As a result of this post, I uninstalled SteerMouse and it actually works again with version 7.5.1 without the app.
This was definitely not the case in the previous versions, apparently DxO took care of my request.

What on earth are you talking about? It is not DxO’s job to ensure compatibility with non-Mac accessories.

The “problem” is when folks think their Windows mouse can “just work” without modification on a Mac

So, I hope have given the authors of SteerMouse as much grief as you have DxO

The MX Anywhere is not a mouse that was only developed for Windows:

But apparently DxO has taken care of the problem anyway.

Given the limited range of Apple mice, I think the requirement is more than justified. I’m glad that there are alternatives.

I don’t expect that, only if other apps have no problems with it :slight_smile:
I am a developer myself and know how difficult it is to support all hardware. But fortunately Apple has a “few” standards and, if necessary, apps that help a little.