Room for more options in the PL 'Export to Application' dialog

A request to expand the options in this dialog beyond 5 applications was made in 2018. Somehow the conversation drifted away from PL to the NIK plugins.

Svetlana closed the thread in 2019 noting that the list had been expanded but I think she must have been referring to NIK because the PL list is still just 5 apps.

Why is this a restrictive limit? Because PL (unlike LR, C1, Luminar and On1) does not provide for merging of bracketed images (“HDR”, panoramas) and has a limited (one might say ‘outdated’) approach to output sharpening. So I rely on specialised external programs for all of these plus e.g. Affinity (or PS) for much easier and more accurate ‘healing’ and ‘cloning’ – especially for awkward overhead powerlines etc. Also boundary-warping when I need it (not often).

I quickly run out of the 5 options and, when I need another, have to search for it in the Applications folder. A bit of an annoyance.

May I therefore, repeat the request for a longer list of apps in the drop-down list? It seems like a simple change (a minor interface item; a PList). Would it be possible to include this in the next release (? October) of PL?

Thank you. P

Dear @PeterGallagher

I support your request, because I’ve noticed it some times, but haven’t had the power to create a request :sleeping:

And please don’t forget to vote by yourself

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I would certainly support this. There are a couple of threads related in some way nd a number of others. I have Smugmug, Flicker (although might leave them), Hugin, Photomatix, and Helicon as specialist apps, as well as the xport to disc as common workflows.
Refer Smugmug Export
As such the option of having the “Export” and “Nik” shortcuts added to the top of the screen as listed under Add Nik Collection Menu Item - #8 by Guenterm would be a great advantage if we combined as an upgrade. Most apps have their links all in one place either at the top or bottom of the UI, not in the middle as DXO has.

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Voted. It would seem a minor effort to increase the list of applications.

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