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Request: Is it possible to export directly into Smugmug in the future? That would be a tremendous export improvement! Would save an enormous timesaver. You would may gain some Smugmug user customers as well. Having to export into a file, then placing into a Smugmug folder or gallery is really archaic and takes a heck of a lot of time. Take a look at Photo Raw 2020. Quick. Less steps. Happens almost instantly. Thanks.

Hello @sittingbull and welcome to the forum,

Thank you for the suggestion. Please, do not forget to vote for it by yourself (top left corner :point_up_2:)

Svetlana G.

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I am sure the Smugmug folks are very easy to work with as well – they are photographers that listen to their customers.

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As another SmugMug user (long-term, in my case), I would sure love that direct export option. Also a bit, well, counter-intuitive, given that there has been direct export to Flickr for quite a while, and SmugMug has come to own Flickr.

The devil may be in the detail, but you would imagine that integration between the two sites is fairly high or at least growing, so that the additional programming needed to make direct upload to SmugMug happen would be limited.

reviving this…

Yes. Would be great!

This would be amazingly helpful. I would be able to stop using PhotoMechanic if DXO Photolab had this feature.