Request/Suggestion: Enable show/hide shortcuts in Customize mode (same as for Library mode)

When in PhotoLibrary mode, key-board shortcuts are available as follows;

  • image
  • These shortcuts enable quick & easy control of whether LHS and/or RHS panels appear, or not.
  • Try it for yourself … it’s a handy feature.

However, when in Customize mode, only the F9 key-board shortcut is available;

  • image

If Ctrl + F10 (to Show/Hide the LHS palette) and Ctrl + F11 (to Show/Hide the RHS palette) were similarly enabled in Customize mode - then;

  • this would be a quick & easy method of controlling whether LHS and/or RHS palettes appear, or not … Whereas, F9 is purely “all or nothing”.
  • it would improve consistency between the two modes … and consistency is always a good thing.

John M

I will vote for it. However, It is a minor inconsistency and not particularly important to me as I very rarely have the need to close the left or right panel independently in Customize. In PhotoLibrary it makes more sense so the right panel can be closed independently. I never have the need to close the folder list. When on those very rare occasions I might want to close the left and right panels independently, in Customize, it is unlikely I would remember the key combination anyway and happily use my mouse for that purpose. However, I agree that it is an inconsistency that should be eliminated.


Thanks for the vote, Mark :+1:

The reason I do so is to provide more screen “real estate” for my image preview … as I mostly work using the RHS palette (or, is it panel?) … with the LHS being mainly informational.


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I’m all for consistent operations.

On Mac, I usually hide/unhide the docks with the TAB key. The Filmstrip does with shift-TAB.
These are the published shortcuts of DPL6 on Mac.

I have voted although I don’t need to do it often at all, but good for consistency.

Crtl + F9 to hide the filmstrip

Me too. Great suggestion. Voted.

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Yes. This is why I questioned somewhere else the decision to make the idea of “workspace” only related to the Customize mode. Why is the Workspace menu only available in Customize mode ? This is another strange decision. We should be able to specify the workspace in Library and Customize mode independently, especially when using a dual monitor configuration (but not only).

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