Request/Suggestion: Clarification of applicability of Soft Proofing options

The Soft Proofing sub-palette (for PLv6.1) looks like this; image

However, it’s somewhat confusing because some of the options apply only to Printing (such as Simulate Paper & Ink - and, I think(?) Intent … which the on-line manual refers to as Mode !) – and some of the options apply to both Display and Printing.

Presentation of this sub-palette would be much clearer is there were a mode selector at the top, with options “For Printing” & “For Screen/Display” … which then determined which options are included/excluded.

Like the Uniform vs Spot Weighted modes for Smart Lighting; image

John M

Edit: Another good argument/reason for this refinement is that it would emphasise the relevance of Soft Proofing as being not only for Printing.

to complement …

the top part shows the matrix based ICC profiles, for which the PSC slider is active,
grafik grafik

but the rendering intents are still not visibly greyed out / deactivated

while for the imported profiles the UI is much clearer
(PSC slider is greyed out & deactivated)

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