Request: FilmPack Preview in Photolab

I’m new in DxO - come from LR. When opening PL I find in PL the settings for Filmpack only (see left picture) - but no PresetPreviews like when opening FP direct (right picture). This would a nice feature to get an idea how “this film” look like…

This would be nice!
Thank you

You can save your own presets based on FilmPack corrections in DPL.
You will also have a preview.


I won’t save my own there (I know this) - if I go the FP palette - it would be nice if there are all FilmPack Previews like if I open FilmPack standalone. With a Checkbutton to view or unview or something else would be perfect.


Hi Tom,

Your observation had me intrigued for a while - but I eventually figured it out.

  1. The FilmPack-equivalent Designer Presets are available from within PhotoLab - as shown below:
    Note: They’re split into groupings of B&W and Color … See 6 & 7
  • They’re provided as Partial Presets, as they impact more than one PL setting (eg. Color Rendering & Grain and also, perhaps, Vibrancy, etc, etc) - but, without changing any other settings that you may have previously applied.
  1. The other “Presets” available in FilmPack are not actually presets in the way that this concept is used in PhotoLab … they are simply "Color renderings".
  • … this differentiation is evident (tho rather subtly, I agree) in the FP filter …

  • FP’s “Designer presets” check-box (with Color and B&W refinements) correlates to the PL preset groupings shown above (6 & 7).

  • FP’s “Legacy films” check-box (with Color and B&W refinements) correlates to the Color rendering tool in PL … All the same legacy film types seem to me to be there - but not in exactly the same groupings.

  1. So, to emulate the process that you might use in FP (by clicking on each option in the Preset browser, one by one, to see the effect on the image) - - in PL you achieve the same result this way;
  • Select one of the FilmPack categories in the Color rendering tool …
  • Select one of the Rendering options … the result will be applied immediately to your image
  • Now, simply press Up/Down Arrow to move thru all the different renderings in this category.

Job done - Your request is accomplished !

Regards, John M


Dear John,

thank you for your detailed answers. BUT - no: the job is not done :wink:

That I “truely have” all the color renderings (new word - I’ve seen them as presets ;–) in PL I know (in my upper picture left side “Kategorie” and “Wiedergabe” which is named as category and rendering at yours). Perheps I haven’t cleared it out, what I really mean (I’m not a native english speaker ;-).

In PL I only have these drop down boxes (which you mentioned too) and have to click or move through every legacy film as you described it - But I would like to have the same nice thumb previews like they are available when opening FP (my upper picture on the right side). This would make it easyer to compare and to choose the one I want. There are too many films to move through every rendering and look after the right one, move back to compare …

So it would be nice, if there where a checkbox in PL for “Show FP Color Renderings as Thumb-Previews” which can be unfolded or compressed as I want…



No problem, as @Pieloe mentioned, above - you could create these for yourself.

You simply need to go thru each Color Rendering option (as I describe in #3 above) - and then save the result as a Partial Preset … You may need to read the manual for the method to achieve this, but it’s (relatively!) straightforward.

For example, here’s a set of Partial Presets from my environment - - - including some related to Color Rendering:

Regards, John M

Hi John,

ok - that is a workaround temporary . But it is a bit awkward, if all these are ready for use in principle there (in FP)… So - I will create my favorite presets in PL - and hope nevertheless that the thumbnail preview will be included for all - because - they are allready there :wink:


Hi everybody, i think it’would be a very good idea to be able to watch the different kinds of Presetpreview of FP :wink:


Yes, I agree … There is a workaround (see above) - BUT, it would be a handy feature to be able to preview renderings of Legacy Film options in PL (in the same way as we can within FP) - AND it would avoid confusion about the apparent differences between what’s available in PL versus FP.

John M

How do you get those thumbnails of partial presets? Where do they show up and how to enable?

It’s not exactly clear what you are looking for when you say “those thumbnails”. For starters you might want to research, and learn how to use, the Preset Editor in Photolab. Just be careful you don’t inadvertently delete existing presets.

If you are looking for FilmPack partial presets I created them recently for all film types. Here is the link to that thread.

if you are looking for a tutorial on how to create full and partial presets that’s a different issue. I may not be able to address helping you on that right now since I don’t have the time to write up a meaningful and easy-to-follow tutorial. Maybe somebody else can assist you right now with easy to follow instruction they previously put together.


Hi Floris - - The Elite version of PhotoLab includes a “Preset Editor” - - which can be used to create Partial Presets (where “Partial” means that they affect only specific settings - - without upsetting other settings). When these are deployed they can be accessed by the “Apply preset” button - and you get to preview thumbnails of the potential results before you apply them.

See the online manual for more details.

Regards, John M

It is my pleasure :man_teacher:t3:

Perfect. Thanks Pascal. I have read all your great tutorials, but I forgot you included a section on presets. Hopefully Floris has the Elite version so he can create partial presets and take advantage of this powerful feature.



Thanks John. I was razor-focused on the Presets editor panel on the lef-hand side of the UI and completely missed the “Apply Preset” button in the top-right of the UI. I read Pascal’s manual a few days ago but it still wasn’t obvious too me, maybe I was saturated with information.