Rendering with DCP profiles in PL7: DCP profile storage

I made some DCP profiles in PL7 with a Datacolor Checkr Photo chart.
These DCP profiles are stored in the same directory as the photo used to create the profile.
My observation is that the DCP profiles applied to a photo are referenced with an absolute path by PL7.
I’m used to process my photos on an SSD, typically applying DCP profiles stored in the same directory. Afterwards, I move these photos + profiles to another mass storage (e.g. a NAS).
When I ocasionally reprocess a photo on the NAS, I get an error that the DCP profile is not found.
I solved the above problem by copying the DCP profiles to a profiles directory on my c: drive and import these profiles in PL7 before applying to photos.
This works fine, but it is in my view more complex that it should be.

My proposal would be:

  • Store the imported DCP profiles in PL7 with an absolute path when applied to a photo.
  • Store the other DCP profiles with a relative path when applied to a photo (the same directory of the photos, on whatever drive)

Does this improvement makes sense? Is it feasible?

The DCP profile folder has been forgotten.
We hope this problem will be resolved in an update, with PL8 at the latest.

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with DxO approach when they generate a single illuminant matrix profile they can even store their PL-generated profile in directly in .DOP file or in presets :slight_smile: … it takes so few bytes for the type of profile they suggest ( not in general of course, that can be few megabytes size-wise )

of course the ideal solution will be to let user specify where to search for profiles ( [A] some DxO systemwide special folder, [B] current raw file folder location, [C] current raw file relative subfolder location, [D] user specified folder, and [E] in case of DNG files profiles stored directly in DNG files )

I’m very happy with the DCP profile generation and color rendering feature of PL7. For me, besides noise reduction, color management is one of the key enables for decent RAW development.

I think introducing the DCP profile folder merrits priority, because the migration to a DCP profiles folder will be way more labor intensive as more photos are rendered with DCP profiles.

It took me a while to understand the current DCP profile administration (not sure even my understanding is fully correct). A writeup of the currently available DCP profile management implementation would really be convenient for users and will avoid disappointments down the line. I had to reprocess more than 100 files moving the picture folder + a lot of scripting around to manage the DCP profiles in a future safe way.

a lucky person who thinks that a simple matrix profile w/o any quality control options is the top “color science”

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