Support for sharing custom DCP profiles between multiple computers

I’m playing with a custom DCP profile made available by a Adielle on DPReview: When I import the profile on one machine and apply to an image, and then continue editing the image on another PC, the profile is of course unavailable and PhotoLab displays “Internal error”. But when I import the same profile on the 2nd machine, PhotoLab doesn’t recognise it’s the same profile (how could it?) and now I have TWO profiles I can choose for the image, with the same name, but only one works.

My suggestion is: these profiles are tiny (2KB). Can’t you just include save them in the PhotoLab central database (which I keep on a SSD mobile drive so that it’s reused between different PCs on which I run PhotoLab, as advised long ago) and/or add to the .DOP files? Then it would be easier to edit images using custom DCP profiles on multiple computers.


Well, it happens because the first profile in your list is directed to the old path (from your first computer), and when you add a new one it’s based on the directory of the second PC. So you can just press a “Cross” to remove the old one.

And about your suggestion, let’s see if it has a support from the users.

Svetlana G.

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I guessed as much :wink: If the path was stored relative to the image, I could put the DCP profile on the same SSD drive as the images, then it’d work without adding the profile to the database or DOP file.