Reloaded_ PLv7: Difficulty placing “colour/tone picker” for Control-Line Local Adjustment


John-M wrote this post.

My reply to him is now waiting 2 days for approval.

Only DXO knows why. But since the support is hiding and does not answer, I post my answer now in this way.

“Hi John, for me it is the same as with the PL6. But the better thing now is that the picker can no longer be hidden by the equaliser. Ok, with shift+E you could hide it for the search. But better now.”

What is also better in PL7 is that you can now choose the opacity.

This can also help to improve visibility.

But what I don’t understand is how do I turn the mask off? Am I doing something wrong? Clicking on it doesn’t work.

The last point ist already clarified by platypus in this post

Be careful.
Opacity may regulate the mask display, but above all it regulates the extent of the correction.


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Hi Pascal,

Yes, true. So not as useful as I thought. Thank you for pointing that out.


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I was just going to mention the same, but apart from < Shift + M > … please click on → “Maskenfarbe”

where you should be able to choose a better contrasting, yet translucent color for your selection mask.

Hi Wolfgang,

Thanks for your suggestion. I have just tried it but cannot decide which is better. Too many choices. Will stick with the one I am used to for now.