Red tint with DeepPrime XD (v.6.0.2)

Hi all,

I’m testing PL6. Since yesterdays’s update I recognise a a red tint (I’m not 100 percent sure, but it seems, the effect was not in version 6.0.0). It is not only visible in the preview, the exported pictures also have that red tint. DeePrime, Prime, and HighQuality is fine.

Her is one of the RAW files:

I see the same effect on fotos of Sony, Canon, and other Panasonic cameras.

Computer: MacBook Pro 2021 14".

Can some one help me?

What are you comparing them to?

Are these images that you have previously treated in PL5?

Are you using the Legacy or the Wide Gamut colour space?

Are we looking at a common problem here?

I’ve seen others reporting the same problems - all using MacOS. Don’t know if it affects Windows users also or all camera RAW files. I think it’s best to submit a support request via and provide sample RAW files with their .dop sidecars via (referencing the new support ticket #). This way, DxO can make sure the problem gets thoroughly fixed.

As a test please try changing the Color Rendering setting from the camera-specific rendering to “Neutral color, neutral tonality v2” and then compare output to original RAW. Please note that this should be the only change you make. Use Apply Preset “No corrections” or “Optical corrections only” and export, then after this change the color rendering as described above to the exported file to accomplish this. Does this help?

This is the first time I use DxO (and the first time I bought a DxO product). But I hope this gets corrected soon. From the sounds of it, it certainly looks like the issues are related to DeepPRIME. I also noticed that exporting from DxO PL Elite to Topaz’s apps sometimes results in severe magenta/purple images after Topaz processes and save my images. But I will take that up with Topaz.

I specifically bought the Elite edition to take advantage of DeepPRIME XD to reduce my workflow. It’s tiring when you have hundreds of pictures and have to export to Topaz constantly. I also like DxO’s “denoise” algorithm better (less plastic-looking). I’ll keep my fingers crossed. DxO PL Elite is a pretty penny. :slight_smile:

Hi all,

I missed the upload file function of the editor. Here is an example how it looks like:

I produced the screenshot with the following settings (re-translated from a German GUI, so the wording might not fit):

  • Preset: No corrections, optical corrections only
  • Color rendering neutral colors, realstic
  • no other changes

While colours with denoising in “high quality” (4) and “prime” (3) look like the original, the “DeepPrime” (2) looks a bit greenish, and the “DeepPrime XD” (1) is totally purple. TIFF 16 Exports look like the previews.

Disabling chromatic abrevation doesn’t make a difference.

@Egregius Thanks for that advice and tipps for creating the ticket. I just created a ticket of the issue. I hope DxO can reproduce the issue and fix it. XD denoising would be a improvement!

@Required I disabled “chromatic abbreviation”. So I think, it is a different problem here. But who knows, how the algorithm work.

@rrblint Thanks for that advice! I tried that and produced outputs! So the examples can be compared.

Change DeepPRIME processing to Apple GPU instead of Apple Neural Engine. This is a workaround for me until DxO fixes the Neural Engine integration.

This works for me, it appears this is a problem affecting only Mac user for that reason. Though with just M1 the export time is now much longer without using the Apple Neural Engine.

Any updates on this? It seems to be a bug for a couple months but was left unfixed. Is there a bug tracker for DxO?

I am also experiencing this issue with 6.0.3 with DeepPrime and DeepPrime XD, using the M1 GPU seems to reduce the red/magenta tint but it is still present.
I compared with images produced with PureRaw2 using DeepPrime and the red/magenta tint is obvious.

@Sisyphos did you get feedback from DxO on this issue ?

DxO have confirmed the matter and it’s supposed to get fixed with 6.1 release.

Let’s hope it is.

@Required Unfortunately it is still an issue with 6.1 Build 34.

@Mika1337 I could not continue on that, due my test version was expired. So DXO closed that case. I’m optimistic and bought an Upgrade to version 6 of Elite and replayed the support just now. I hope DXO has now enough information to fix that.