Rearrange Palettes

I use Mac exclusively, but I teach PL to a mixed audience and I cannot yet find how to rearrange the tools in the palettes.

This isn’t a problem on the Mac - I just drag them to where I want them, but this doesn’t seem to work on my students Windows machines.

Am I right in thinking I need to create custom palettes? In which case, I would really want to use the same default names for them, but will this cause clashes?

Best is to avoid that.
I use like “Peters Essentials” and “Peters ToolBox”.
Place the tools in the way i like and turnoff visability of the official one’s.
Remember the fast selecting buttons are using the default palettes and the order is different then (Alphabetic i believe)


By the time I preparing my English text, Peter had already responded :frowning:
Indeed, this is THE way.

Really? That’s awful! It makes it very difficult to teach when I have to say - those students on Mac choose such and such tool in the Lumière palette, but those on Windows, choose such and such tool in whatever you called your custom lumière palette.

In general, software is taught in its basic configuration. No ?
If the need is to move some tools on the screen. You have to gather them in a dedicated palette.
What a pity!

I had the opportunity to create a “TUTO” palette in which I alternated the tools I wanted to isolate from my presentation.

Anyway, a more modern interface would be appreciated …
(there’s something called drag and drop now to dock, undock palettes when it comes to interface) :wink:
(and an other thing called resizable windows).

Which is why I am wondering why, if I can drag and drop tools on default palettes on Mac, why can’t my students do the same on Windows?

@StevenL is this another one for your infinite list of differences?


Wouldn’t it be due to the possibilities of the resource kit ?

I used to program Windows Forms apps and know that there are various draggable APIs. It’s not rocket science.

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You know who to contact :smiley:

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This appears to be yet another difference between the Mac and Windows versions. I thought I was aware of all, or at least most, of the differences. Now I’m starting to believe that the differences I’m aware of may only be the tip of the iceberg. Are you listening @StevenL?



Vote here, fellow Windows users! :grin:

I use Favourite Setting. All my ‘regular’ setting are then in the one Palette.
Star the setting you want to show and the Palette group they are from and select favourites.
then it’s very easy to switch in and out if I need to use another setting not in my current list.

That’s somewhat limited, tho, Barry; as the resulting Favourites list is (re-)arranged into alphabetic order.

The most effective solution (for Win version of PL) is to create one’s own named Palettes - into which tools can be positioned as required for personal preference … There’s an option at the bottom of the “Palettes” menu item that allows for “user palette creation”.

When you have all your Palettes arranged as you want (hint: perhaps with less-used tools on the LHS, and hidden) then there’s an option in the “Workspace” menu item that allows you to save the result …


You could, for example, Joanna, create the custom palettes with names almost identical to the Mac-named palettes (say, “Lumière Palette”) - and then there should be no confusion for your students,

If you want to try something like this, Joanna - I’m attaching my custom workspace.xml file as a reference - it resides in folder C:\Users\<Username>\Local\DxO\DxO PhotoLab X\Workspaces
I don’t actually bother with the UI tools to create/update my Workspace/Palette layouts - I simply edit these files directly (and I know you’ll be comfortable doing the same).
JCM Standard Workspace.xml (7.0 KB)

John M

My standard workspace → Dock Histogram to the right - #8 by Wolfgang and temporarily also open a hardwired tab (main screen), e.g. to have Local Adjustments as close as possible to the edit window.