Make it easier to arrange palettes in columns for a custom workspace

In Windows, with PhotoLab 3.3’s Customize-mode workspaces, certain arrangements of palettes are possible but very difficult to manage. I observed four difficulties while experimenting:

  1. I can arrange palettes in two columns - one to the right of the image viewer, one to the left. This is great. However, when I create a new custom palette it always appears at the bottom of the right-hand column - and I will often need to scroll down to find it. Once I find it, I can populate it with tools easily enough by dragging them from other palettes. Sometimes, however, if I move the custom palette to the bottom of the left column and start populating it there, it’s difficult to place a tool at the far bottom of the new palette.

  2. To move any palette up and down in a column, I can’t just drag it into position. I have to accept where PhotoLab puts the palette when I drag it - then select the “hamburger” menu in the palette’s heading bar to move the palette up or down a step - and repeat this action until the palette is where I want it to be. It’s very inefficient. If I grab the palette heading with the mouse and drag it somewhere else, then try to put it back, I have to start this process all over again.

  3. I can reduce the size of the PhotoLab window, then drag palettes outside the window onto the desktop. This allows me to create a third column by stacking palettes - but this stack must remain separate from the main window and each element must be moved individually. If I leave just enough space on the desktop for palettes, it’s not enough - I must reduce the size of the main window further in order to drag palettes to the desktop. Ordinarily, Windows allows parts of applications to exist partially off-screen - but not in this case. I can make the main window larger once my palettes are on the desktop. But then I can’t move the palettes on the desktop without PhotoLab returning them to the main window’s left column. Also, no matter what, if I move a palette back to the main window I can’t drag it back to the desktop again without first shrinking the main window’s width to make extra room - even if I already have enough room on the desktop. This appears to be a bug.

  4. I cannot create a custom palette with the Histogram, Metadata, Move/Zoom, etc. inside of it. So these always have to be moved around individually. I can understand why - but it makes detaching them from the main window and reattaching them more difficult.

So my request is for PhotoLab to allow more versatility in the layout of a custom workspace, including multiple columns of palettes.

I’ve added my vote, Greg … Plus with the following message, that I hope DxO staff will note;

  • I am increasingly nervous that PL’s ability for customised palette layout will be relegated to “legacy” status - with new UI features gradually diminishing its effectiveness.

… which is why I support this proposal - as it would make this feature (workspace customisation) easier for users to implement … rather than it become an obscure feature that only experienced users understand.

John M

Gets my vote. Yes I can create a sort of custom palette but that task is not made easy.

You can have the best toolkit in the world and if it is a struggle or annoyance then it is of putting, especially to potentially new users.

A good UI sells itself to new users.


@StevenL let me draw your attention to it. I know that some points are already covered by our future redesign but probably something is missed.

Thank you
Svetlana G.


Hi @sgospodarenko. Future redesign? This scares me. Are you referring to the future version PL4 or is something else going on?

Me too if my wife tell’s me future redesign…
Means the tools have to be digged up from the attic and lot’s of free weekends (which could be waisted with BBQ) waisted on “redesigning”…:grin:

Edit proof of the pudding:

And the pressure woman lay on us starting at a jung age. already looking if her room is ready:



@OXiDant You’ve made my day :rofl: , thank you.

  • Do not be scared, please. I meant more freedom to the palettes/sub-palettes, the possibility to rearrange them, add them to the existing groups etc…

Svetlana G.


Thanks Svetlana. I had envisioned a new revision with everything AI, a la Topaz/Luminar.

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Why, oh why, does everything now have to be “AI”? Are we such poor photographers that we really need a piece of software, designed by someone else, to attempt to make the best of our poor work? Why not take the photograph correctly in the first place?

I also shoot large format film with a wooden camera. The rule is (mainly) if it’s not right when you make the exposure, it’s never going to be right after its been developed, especially when it comes to colour transparency film with a dynamic range of less than 5 stops.


So true!!!

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Exactly! That’s why Svetlana’s first comment scared me so much. I’ve trialed some of those programs and while they are good for some things, they provide the artist with very little control over the results. Push one button and if you don’t like the results, sorry too bad. Take it or leave it… I’ll leave it, thank you very much!

To be fair to Svetlana, Mark (for others reading these remarks) - she did not mean that PL would become a “press one magic button” tool, and she did clarify her comment (see above).

John M


Hi John. Please don’t misunderstand, I wasn’t holding Svetlana responsible for my fear in any way. I understood her clarification completely. She was referring to palettes and workspaces and making them easier to deal with. I am very much in favor of this proposal.

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No problem, Mark - Understood … I was just aiming to make it clearer for others reading this thread (because, initially, I did misunderstand).


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I started from “DXO Poto Lab 5”. I have been exposed to a lot of software before, so I attach great importance to the “custom workspace” function. It allows us to flexibly change the window according to our own photo adjustment habits. I have communicated with the staff on the official website about this idea, and initially implemented the custom window in “DXO Poto Lab 6”. I am very happy. I support your idea and have voted.

However, in reality, not all photographers’ skills will be perfect, so they need the help of computer software. I believe that the original intention of the “AI” function is not to make us more lazy and scornful of photography. It can help us in extreme photography conditions. I didn’t use film cameras very long, and I revered those early photographers. However, I believe that the proper retouching of photos on the computer has become an indispensable process, so I think the “AI” function will help us enjoy this

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