RAW Fuji en développement

A quand le développement des fichiers RAW (raf) FUJI …Les francais peuvent le faire, non?

Désolée, c’est en anglais mais :

Résultats de traduction
Sorry far from me the subject of unwanted controversy, but I still don’t understand why not “dematric” the X-trans. Too bad …
Thank you for the exchange

@Daniel0 we have to completely rewrite parts of our code/algorithms to be able to handle Xtrans. This is not something trivial and cannot be accomplished without considerable engineering work…
DxO did not officially stated to never implement Xtrans into its products, but as of today, we do not provide such option.

Don’t forget to vote yourself for your proposal

I understand that the task is difficult and that it represents an additional burden. I deplore it because in my youth I used DXO, at my beginnings and according to my readings it still progressed but since my change of RAW format I have been forced to resign myself.
Thanks for the interview.


I’ve been a longtime Pentax user and absolutely love DxO PhotoLab. I think it is without question the very best RAW development app. I’ve tried many others, and there’s really nothing coming even close. It was a revelation when I found DxO PhotoLab.

Now, as many Pentax users do, I’m switching to Fuji, and by far the biggest obstacle before selecting Fuji was not having DxO anymore. It actually was the only thing that truly made me hesitate.

I understand that X-Trans is a very different sensor technology, and all the arguments for sticking with Bayer only, but still, please, please, please consider supporting X-Trans/Fuji in the near future. So that I can upgrade to PhotoLab5 as well… :slight_smile:


I, too, am very disappointed to learn that DxO doesn’t support Fuji Xtrans. In this competitive field I can’t imagine ignoring the huge, enthusiastic group of Fuji owners. I really don’t care to hear the company excuses. Since mid-2000’s I have bought many DxO products and had planned to continue. DxO’s Fuji exclusion kicks me under the bus.


How many Fuji users are DXO pass up ? Too many ! It’s like an anachronic event between two leaders of the colour processing that can no meet.

If it could help or justify this need, I created a list for wishing support of unsupported raw here Wish list to support old raw files by DXO #photo archive matter and don’t forget to vote by clicking on the button “Vote” below the title.

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