RAW "as shot" white balance Color Temperature not shown correctly

If the “RAW White Balance” option is not selected and the default preset doesn’t set some specific white balance, the “as shot” selection is shown, but the as shot color temperature is not shown and the default 5400/+0 is shown. This is not the as shot color temperature. This field, even though greyed out should show the as shot color temperature.

To find the color temperature the camera selected you have to turn the adjustment on and wait for the field to populate. This doesn’t make sense.

I agree, sort of, since PhotoLab doesn’t seem to render the RAW data with no white balancing when RAW White Balance is off. However, this being the case, I see no reason at all to leave the adjustment off for RAW files. My presets enable it with the default “As Shot.”

I hear you but sometimes i want to reapply a preset and not modify any custom white balance setting. (Presets really should never have a white balance set so why override any edits I already did?). My presets don’t set white balance. They leave it unchanged.

I’ve mentioned this behaviour several times. The 5400 is the initial value of the WB, it’s also the temperature to which PL calculates the colors back. If you’ve an image with a color temperature of 5400/0 PL will do nothing to correct that.
If you activate/deactivate the WB tool, the correct temperature is shown. So even when the WB tool is off, a WB correction is used.
I don’t use presets but I can imagine a new white balance in a preset can be useful.


On my Mac, WB changes with every image, even if “No Correction” is applied. I can make WB display weird values (they are not applied though), which persist when I change images.
Bildschirmfoto 2021-11-02 um

As soon as I set WB to something not manual, the values change again.

WB is always applied. Even if you don’t activate the tool. What is used is the "as shot"value but based on PL’s own interpretation. If you activate/deactivate the tool the initial value is overwritten with the used value, as shot. Unless you’ve choosen something specific in your camera.
I don’t know about the Mac version, but in the Window version 5400 is shown the first time.
I can set the temperature to anything too. When I deactivate the tool the image is shown with “as shot”, activating will show the image with the set temperature again.


Yeah. This behavior is confusing. Anytime “as shot” is shown, even if it’s greyed out, PL should show me the “as shot” color temperature in the box.

Simple as that…

Don’t forget, if your camera is set to Daylight WB, then PL interprets that as 5400°K. But I always set my camera WB to Manual 5600°K and even then, PL shows a value for As Shot only approximating that - for my Nikon D810 PL5 shows 5510°K/-3, but for my Nikon D850 it shows 5643°K/±0.

Which is why I have a manual 5600°K/±0 WB adjustment in my default preset.

I recommend the following approach;

  • Set your default preset so that, by default, RAW White Balance is set OFF = not activated
    – In this state you will be seeing the “As Shot” result - That is, as from your camera, with no impact on WB by PL.

  • From here you can apply any of PL’s WB settings, as required … including “As Shot”, at which time you will see the Temp & Tint settings from your camera.

John M

Yes. That’s what I do. But if I want to see what the as shot WB is I actually have to turn the correction on.

This is dumb. I should be able to see the number even when it’s off.

That’s the whole point.

Sometimes I want to scan through 10 photos and see quickly what AWB the camera chose.

No. You can turn the tool on or off, you will not see any difference, unless you have selected another color temperature.
If you want to compare it with no wb correction, select 5400/0.

You can’t set WB off. If you want to see the image without WB added you must select 5400/0.
Read the tool different, not on/off but camera/manual.


Remember that WB is part of the demosiacing.
To have accurate colors you need a wb
When it’s developed for preview it needs a White and blackpoint in a color space.
SRGB, AdobeRGB or Camera ColorSpace, (rawdng) it doesn’t matter.
Dxo choose 5400kelvin as basepoint primary WB.
The “as shot” is calculated from there. (5400k is 0.0.0)(hue, luminance, saturation)
(that’s why @Joanna 's manual set 5600k in camera are not the same in dxo’s calculated WB correction. But slightly off 5600k.)
Interpretation variations.

I think you guys are missing the point from the original message.

I want to see the actual as shot kelvin number in the text box even when the raw white balance correction is turned off.

Maybe go back to check the original message.

Yes you can, George … It’s simply a matter of;

  • opening a “new” image (one that PL has not encountered before - so that it won’t be in PL’s database)
  • apply the DxO Standard preset to the image
  • make any changes that you’d like to be different from the DxO Standard - such as deactivating WB
  • use menu item; Image / Create preset from current settings … and save it
  • make the resulting preset your default preset (as applied to all “new” images) via Edit / Preferences.

With the RAW WB tool deactivated, you are seeing the “As Shot” result from the camera.

But, that’s not quite the answer/result that Mike is looking for;

Mike; When you apply the DxO Standard preset, do you not immediately see something like this ?

… With “As Shot” selected and Temp & Tint displayed: image

John M

So you want the exif info’s WB written in the WBtoolwindow even when the tool isn’t active?
Just a writting? Or also a Camera WB setting in the image? So no neutral setting?
(i have WB tool alway’s active so i don’t see a problem.)

I see it this way. PL works with two WB values, one based on the camera setting and one containing the change you made in PL. Switching the WB-tool on /off means switching between these values. However in the initial phase the ‘çhanged value’ is set to 5400. Switch it on the first time and you see the manual value is overwritten with the used value. If you make changes in WB than that value is stored in that field.
I mentioned this several times but DXO doesn’t see it as a bug. But it also gave me some more knowledge how PL is working :smiley:

That’s right, but you can’t set it off.


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Set what off, George ? … I’m not understanding.


WB is always applied.
In order to create a image in preview screen, your screen, there must be a colorspace and WB.
So the tool can switched off but not WB itself.

It’s an answer on your former post


As I mentioned before I DON’T want to have my preset automatically turn on RAW WB “as shot”. Sometimes I re-apply my default after making some adjustments and I want the WB adjustments not to be changed if I adjusted them manually. That’s how presets work, right?

So when I open a new image for the first time, my default preset is applied. And this is what the RAW WB adjustment looks like.

This is WRONG (the as shot color temperature is NOT 5400)… If I enable the adjustment and change nothing, this is what it looks like (the image doesn’t change):

NOW I see the “as shot” color temperature. (5709)

If I turn the AWB adjustment off again, this is what I see:

This is what it should have looked like in the first place.
The bug I’m reporting here is that when the image is first loaded, the adjustment box looks like the first picture… But instead it should look like the 3rd picture.

All this other discussion about what WB is actually applied, how WB is stored in camera, etc, etc, etc, is completely irrelevant. I can’t explain it any more clearly than with these three pictures.