RAW "as shot" white balance Color Temperature not shown correctly

I suppose the WB data is only read from exif AFTER activation. other wise the 5400k default is shown.
(i would say they need to show “setting As Default when off” or a blankt temp and tint vaue when off. (no data.)

Why not extract it?
Here’s my use case…

I sometimes flip through a bunch of pictures (10-30) and in my mind estimate the average kelvin temp, and then set all 30 pictures to the same white balance.

As it is now, I have to first, select all the pictures, set “as shot” white balance, and turn on the adjustment, Then click through each picture, and wait 2 seconds for the “as shot” white balance number to change.

This is dumb…

in that case yes totaly frustrating time loss.
ok did my own test in FRV and PLv5
FRV is alway’s on and direct readable wile culling.
PLv5 isn’t, it’s “plopping” in optical module activation before it’s WB is set.
one reason more to use FRV for culling and checking :crazy_face:

Show the ‘as shot’ info as a statement. It won’t change. And keep the rest for the manual edits.


I’m totally ok if the as shot values are shown elsewhere. Though still populating the kelvin temp with 5400 as a fixed value only for it to change when the RAW WB adjustment is made is still wrong.

But your right. My main goal is to be able to look through 20-30 pics and get a quick sense of the average kelvin and tint.

Yes, as part of the image rendering process.

But, if you apply PL’s “As Shot” WB setting - then disable the tool - you’ll find that there’s no change whatsoever to the rendered image … That is, PL is applying no further influence on WB (other than that which is necessary to render the image).


That’s not the problem. The problem is that PL shows a wrong figure in the initial phase.
The way the tool is presented is a bit a puzzle. It’s just switching between camera’s WB and manual changed WB. But the value shown should always be the value belonging to the image.



Do you use FRV ?
We could ask them to display the mean value of WB and Tint from the selected images. This would even speed up your workflow :smiley:

On my Mac Big Sur and PL5, with my default preset in which WB palette is not active, I see As shot as Setting and a different value in Temperature depending of the scene.
And I must add that going to an image I briefly see 5400K and soon the “real” value.

Perhaps this is a bug only on the windows version.