Purple cast on light reflection when not zoomed in sufficiently

It’s been a while and for a long time I thought it was purple fringing of my lens, when I haven’t zoomed in sufficiently I can see light reflections such as from the sea appear to be purple

But when I zoom in a bit more, they will disappear:

Note that in both of the above I have disabled the CA correction and had the purple fringing box unchecked. I also have tried exporting the photo with no correction, still I could not see any fringing at all. The lens is Voigtlander 35mm APO f/2 where I took the above with f/4 which should have very little to no fringing at the center.

Is it a DxO photo viewer limitation, or something is not working as expected?

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It’s unfortunately the case that the rendering below 75% of zoom is of very low quality in Photolab, sharpness, optical corrections etc are all not applied. In images like yours, that makes it really hard to look at the picture. If you say that even without chromatic aberration corrections the image is fine in the output, then I would guess that Photolab uses some form of low quality demosaic mode, that exaggerates any optical imperfections. I had experienced the same.

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I see, it’s good to know it wasn’t just me.
I was having the impression that my lens wasn’t good and DxO was helping a bunch in removing the purple fringing - I guess it’s often the case but in examples like the one I posted it was definitely hugely exaggerated lol

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Yes, I have complained about this so many times that I have lost count!

Sometimes it makes it very hard to even judge color balance, let alone sharpness!

The viewer must be rewritten from scratch and optimized!

See here too (and vote for the requests):