Pure Raw vs Photolab 5

I’m sure this has been asked many times before but I’m looking for a straight yes/no answer, please.

I’m trialling Pure Raw 2 and using it with Lightroom Classic. I intend purchasing it as it’s very, very impressive. Is the stand-alone product identical to that included in Photolab 5?? If so, I’ll ditch Lightroom.


The tool in PhotoLab has a few more options. If you want to replace Lightroom for RAW development then IMHO Photolab is far better.


I consider PureRAW to be a subset of PhotoLab, although their release cycle is different. If you have PhotoLab, PureRAW adds no technical value (but some ease of use due to almost complete lack of customisability) imo.

Neither PhotoLab nor PureRAW can replace Lightroom from an asset management point of view.


While I am aware of all the issues expressed on the subject, I think your general statement may depend on the software being used and the asset management requirements and expectations of the user.

All of my post processing is currently done in the PhotoLab 5 suite and the Nik Collection, with a rare usage of Affinity Photo. I don’t use any third party asset management tools. I would like to see more search operators added to PhotoLibrary. However, other than that PhotoLab’s asset management tools meet my requirements.



Indeed, user requirement can flick the switch.

I don’t really see the necessity to ditch Lightroom if DPR is a subset of DPL. If you want to ditch LrC because you don’t like subscriptions, then dump it and be happy with PhotoLab. No need for PureRAW then! If the question is to use either PhotoLab or PureRAW with Lightroom, I’d still prefer PhotoLab over PureRAW by a very wide margin…


I appreciate the replies but I think I may need to rephrase my question.

Is the PureRAW version integrated into Photolab 5 the same product as the stand-alone PureRAW I’m currently trialling???

Possibly not exactly because you don’t have the same fineness of control over things like sharpening that PL gives you.

If you don’t already have PL, why not download the trial and try out both?


As others have said, if asset management is not a primary requirement, then you should go with Photolab 5 rather than PureRAW 2. You can happily ditch LR, but really need Filmpack 6 with PL5. You might also consider Viewpoint 3 if your budget can handle it. Also please use the 30 day trial available with each program.

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Yes, it would seem so.

ie the lens corrections, colour rendering and DeepPrime processing are all similar (if not identical) in both products.

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The best purchase option is for the entire suite including PhotoLab 5 Elite, FilmPack 6.2 Elite, and Viewpoint 3. The suite is on sale for $289 USD. Since PhotoLab 5 Elite by itself sells for $219 USD, for an additional $70 USD you get both FilmPack Elite and Viewpoint. An excellent value and highly recommended. The combined individual sale price for those three programs is $437 USD. Buying the suite saves $150!



PureRAW is more a “plugin” for people who are postprocessing there dng’s somewhere else.
LR of any other kind of application. It’s a rewind to the old DxO optics pro.
lens correction and denoising.
DxOPLv5 elite and specially the suite package is more capable in fine tuning your rawfile.
denoising is also more manual to fine tune if you need and want it.

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Great Idea. I forgot all about the bundle pricing.

I should have just searched the FAQa on the DxO website!

" …DxO PhotoLab 4 & 5 ELITE Edition users already have access to DeepPRIME, so purchasing the additional software is not necessary unless you wish to have the denoising capabilities available in its own software … "

It would appear DeepPRIME is indeed integrated within Photolab 5 Elite.

Yes but now your posts seem to be equating DeepPRIME with PureRAW and they are not the same.

DeepPRIME is a noise reduction feature, PureRAW is a product, which includes the DeepPRIME noise reduction feature. However, PureRAW also includes other features, notably DxO’s renowned lens correction profiles.

Photolab is a different product to PureRAW. Photolab includes both features (DeepPRIME noise reduction and lens correction profiles) and in addition some fine control options on those features that are not included in PureRAW.

And your point is?

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Thank you. I admit to have being somewhat confused but you have now clarified everything and answered my question.

Umm, sorry, you’ve lost me there.

No matter, @electrophase seems to have understood and appreciated my explanation.

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