Can't find a topic in the list of topics but can get to it via a notification

Is it just me and it’s staring me in the face or is this topic not listed in the list of topics?:

Meanwhile I can reach that topic, by clicking on a notification from it that’s in my list of notifications in my profile/

Can anyone explain this behaviour?


Not sure if I understood properly …

Check your browser and delete the cache. At work, that usually solved some problems. :slight_smile:

The topic is in the DxO Photolab category and the last post on it was made by me 2 days ago. Given that, I’d expect to see listed if:

  1. I select that category
  2. click on ‘Latest’
  3. scroll down the list until Iget to 2 days ago

but I can’t see it if I do that.

Yet I can find it by searching for it or, as already stated via a notification.

I’ve discovered why I couldn’t see the topic in question in the list. Somehow the tracking had been set to ‘muted’. Resetting it to ‘Normal’ has made the topic reappear.

I guess I learnt something here.