Provide a way to change the color of the grid overlay

It would be great to be able to change the color of the overlay grid (Ctrl+G in Windows). I use the grid while adjusting Horizon and Perspective. I like that I can adjust the spacing between grid lines. However, the white color of the grid is too hard to see against light backgrounds. It’s a frequent problem for me.


On Mac, grid color can be changed in the settings.

On Win, this does not seem to be the case.

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Yep, on Win it’s still not the case, I confirm.

Svetlana G.


catch it :innocent:

Could I say, in Crop on WIN with the check box for GRID On/Off, could we see in PL 7 some GRID Options, like Rule 1/3; Golden Ratio; 1/4s; etc … the “standard” ones referred to in composition, PLUS what about the ability to create our OWN overlay grids ???

Thanks, Still not blind, Dennis.

This basic request comes up periodically yet is unanswered. Many requests for enhancing Photolab with AI, Panoramic function, HDR etc and various features added with each version by DxO but for me, I would like the existing toolset to be addressed first (grid options and custom keyboard shortcuts come to mind). Its as if none of the DxO staff use the software for their photography or they would share the frustration.
So, I’ve voted again and I’ll add (again) that setting the grid size by percentage would be a sensible option - the current sizing makes it very difficult to have a whole number of ‘boxes’ or to have vertical and/or horizontal centre lines.

David McA

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Variety of overlays for cropping is requested here:

The long lack of new features relating to basic user interface functions such as grid and crop overlays and keyboard shortcuts, plus long-unaddressed differences between Win and Mac implementations, are quite concerning to me.

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Not only Mac/Win differences, there are incompatibilities that make it difficult to move back and forth between the two. DCP profiles are unusable due to the absolute path of the profile being written into the dop, color labels and soft proofing state can change since defaults are handled differently, shot dates can show as edited when they haven’t been, virtual copies get created on Windows unless you blow away the database before each start; to name a few that I’ve run into.