Printing through DxO using ICC profiles

I am probably missing something obvious, but would be grateful for help with a problem printing onto fine art paper.

My printer is an Epson SC P900, and for other technical reasons I am unable to print through Epson Print Layout. I am therefore printing directly through the print option in the DxO ‘File’ dropdown menu.

However, I can find nowhere to enter the ICC profile for my printer and the various papers that I use - there is simply a menu of about a dozen fairly generic paper types and no apparent recognition of the printer that I am using.

Epson Print Layout (if only I could get it to work!) also has options for black point compensation/perceptual compensation, which also seem absent from the DxO printing interface.

I hope that someone can help.

Right click on the file’s context menue. Does this help?

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Or, on a Mac…

I don’t have the same screen. I don’t have colour matching.
I am on Mac OS 11.6.5.
I must be missing something.


What happens when you click on the DxO - Paramètres des Images drop-down?

I have only:
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Merci pour votre réponse

Here’s the sequence of steps in the printing dialog:

Step 1: Click here

Step 2: Select “Colour…”

Step 3: Select “ColorSync”

Step 4: Select “Other Profile…”

Step 5: Select profile (must have been installed in advance, usually in /Library/Printers/…)

If you cannot go through these steps, update/re-install the printer driver.
You can check your profiles with the ColorSync Utility.

Most of the paper manufacturers have their ICC profiles that download into the system so that Photolab can find them

I am on mac OS Monterey and PL5 and have re-loaded my printer’s driver software, but do not have, or cannot find, a color-sync option. The attached screenshot suggests that I am looking in the same place as Joanna and dominique, but my screen is the same, in English, as domenique’s.

This is important to me and I wonder if DxO tech support could help.

Thanks everyone


Epson does not seem to support ColorSync and therefore, the issue seems to be caused by Epson rather than macOS or PhotoLab - unless there is another driver that might be able to engage ColorSync.

My next step would be to get in touch with Epson and ask them for support.

While I’m on Windows, I got to know from another forum Apples’ airprint driver can cause colour management problems. – It’s reported, when updating MacOS regularly replaces the CANON Printer Driver.

So yes – @MLHB should contact Epson support. There might be a similar problem.

I just wonder, why the OP stated “My printer is an Epson SC P900, and for other technical reasons I am unable to print through Epson Print Layout”, while available for MacOS.

I downloaded Epson Print Layout.

What awful software! Part of the UI is in Chinese and the Paramètres des Couleurs option doesn’t appear to be available.

It’s not a lot of help to Matthew but I got so fed up with Epson after having two SC-P600 printers fail in three years that I switched to the Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-1000 and have been amazed. So far, I haven’t needed to profile it, at least for B&W printing.

I’m grateful for this advice - thanks everyone.

Does anyone know of an app that is like Epson Print Layout, but not Epson Print Layout? ie an interface between the image and a high quality printer, that allows sizing and ICC information for different kinds of fine art paper. I’m not looking for any further kind of image processing, as I already have DxO PL!

Maybe QImage One? Qimage One – Binartem

Using the AirPrint driver for my old Epson printer definitely hides ColorSync. Epson’s driver shows it.

1 Like works with my Epson and latest Mac OS, even though it hasn’t been updated for a long time. I think there’s a trial. It’s easy to use but you need to install paper profiles you want to use in the app. It’s made by LaserSoft, the SilverFast scanning software people.

I had missing print features in Monterey recently and I think downloading / installing drivers from Epson fixed it. AirPrint drivers have always been feature-limited in my experience.


May I know, why you don’t use EPL?

  • Doesn’t it work (at all),
  • is it the user interface you don’t get on with / you don’t like
  • or are you missing things like softproofing, which also isn’t implemented in PL5?

BTW, since years I print via PS + Epson printer driver. At first it looks overwhelming, but softproofing and printing on different FineArt papers works very reliable and that’s what matters – no messing around.

If you are on Mac, the gutenprint open source drivers are very very well though of…

Come to think of it, if you’re on Mac, there’s always the ColorSync Utility that come with macOS. You can’t do anything with the layout but it certainly handles assigning profiles, which you can then print from there.

And I’ve just found out that Apple’s built-in Preview app can soft proof.

Joanna, sorry for your bad experiences with the Epson software, etc. Yikes! I’ve been using an English version of EPL on a Win 11 system, and it’s working great for me. Simple, even elegant interface for the kinds of printing that I do. Color management options and more are there, no issues. I’m thinking that multiple versions of EPL on different operating systems are producing conflicting experiences.