Printing in Photolab 3.1 - paper sizes and settings

I just tried to print a photo vie PhotoLab 3.1 and realized that my photo size is not available, also I cannot print borderless because I cannot set borders to 0.

Is there any way to create a new entry in the list and adopt it to the settings I want to use for it?

Hi @fscherz, there is a series of posts dealing with this, e.g. A Ratio in crop

The print module does need to be made more feature rich, but I’m not aware of any updates to it being in the backlog at this time.


Photolab utilise les paramètres de l’imprimante choisie. Si l’imprimante autorise l’impression sans marges, les marges peuvent être réduites à zéro dans le module d’impression. Il peut y avoir une case à cocher dans les propriétés de l’imprimante pour cela.
Si l’imprimante n’autorise pas l’impression sans bordure, PhotoLab donne la marge minimale de l’imprimante.
De même, les formats de papier disponibles sont ceux disponibles dans les propriétés de l’imprimante. Si l’imprimante vous permet de créer un format de papier personnalisé, PhotoLab peut l’utiliser.

Le module d’impression PL n’est peut-être pas très sexy, mais il est parfaitement utilisable et maintenant plutôt complet!

(Version Windows)

Photolab uses the parameters of the chosen printer. If the printer allows borderless printing, then the margins can be lowered to zero in the print module. There may be a check box in the printer properties for this.
If the printer does not allow borderless printing, then PhotoLab gives the printer’s minimum margin.
Likewise, the available paper sizes are those available in the printer properties. If the printer allows you to create a custom paper size, PhotoLab can use it.

The PL printing module may not be very sexy, but it is perfectly usable and now rather complete!

(Windows version)

I gave up on the print module back in July 2019 and started using Qimage Ultimate 2019 and I have been really satisfied with the combination. Qimage has a daunting array of functions which are very extensive. The stand alone version is $69.99 for the 2020 version. There is also a trial version.


I tested today again and installed printer driver from net (instead using what ever windows installed).
Now I do have more formats available to choose from.

The only real problem is that if I set the printer up in DXO PL to use certain options (like optimum printing on photo paper instead normal printing on normal paper) the settings are not kept in DXO and when you print again next photo you need to redo all of them again.

You usually have to set s lot of options in the printer driver. I have presents but they are set from Epson not pl. I find margins are sticking in pl, I have to add 2mm one side and take 2mm off the other as pl can’t get my side margins the same but it’s holding the different settings between prints.

Hello Franz,
in my mind and experience PL works like all other Software. Opening first time a day and choose print dialog, the default printer starts wit the standard settings you’ve set. For me in Epson printer driver is A4, portrait, standard paper and with margins.
For printing photos for example i choose either “Paper Epson matte, Quality extra fine without margins”,
or take one of my presets i can define within the printer driver and set under special name like “A4 landscape matte, extra fine”.
If i would like to have the “A4 landscape matte, extra fine” settings as default with first printing, you have to set within the driver settings.
That is for Epson printer, and I don’t know if it works with all Epson printers or for other manufacturer.

I would understand if it switch back to printer settings for a new session, but if I don’t leave PL and customize settings+print picture I assume that it keeps at lease the settings for this session. Nop, I have to customize each picture! The standard printer setting is for normal A4 printing, not for Photo of course, so paper size+type and quality need to be set/changed.
I print now with LR or FastStone who keep settings all time (LR) or within session (FS).

Moin Franz,
you are correct…I’ve tried what you described and really with every print job within the session you have to do same settings again.
So the only workaround for the moment would be to reorder the printer settings, so that the desired settings are at first order.
But I agree…that could only a workaround, and there is something to change within DXOPL

If I understand correctly, the print settings would be saved neither in the same session, nor after closing and reopening PhotoLab?
There are two types of settings: those that are managed directly by PhotoLab and those that are managed by the printer driver.
All the settings managed by PhotoLab are kept in the same session and after closing / opening.
The settings managed by the printer driver (Printer properties) are effectively not retained if they are different from the printer’s default setting.
Possible solutions:

  • Set the printer driver so that the desired configuration is the default (as said by Guenterm) if possible (not all drivers allow it).
  • Create and save in the driver a configuration (or several) with the correct parameters and recall it each time it is printed.

But I actually think that DxO should take a serious look at this problem: it is not too penalizing if you print a photo from time to time, but it is very annoying if you have to print several. My other software allowing me to print (ACDSee, PS, LR …) make sure to keep the printer settings during the session.
It is probably not simple (it is not directly managed by PL), but it seems essential to me to stay at the level of competition.

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