A Ratio in crop

The A Ratio is the European paper standard. In the old forum it was constantly being asked to be added to crop. There are ways round it, my one is I have added 70/99 to crop and saved it under my own preset. But why can’t there just be as has been asked for for many years just a simple addition to cropping the A ratio be added.

You Check here https://www.din-formate.de/reihe-a-din-groessen-mm-pixel-dpi.html to get the exact sizes and enter the ratio according to size in mm. A4 would then be 210:297 (which is exactly 70:99) and so on.

When you print with borders, you can then easily calculate the ratio to 190:277 for 10 mm borders in the case of A4. For better positioning, you might like to have a slightly wider border at the bottom of the print or position the print accordingly in a frame…


This needs closing as a A ratieo has a last been added to croping.

Where do you see this? PL3 has 1:1, 2:1, 3:2, 4:3, 5:2, 5:4, 5:7, 8.5:11, 16:9, 16:10 but not 70:99.

5/7 = 70/99 with 1% error.
I would have liked “7:5 ISO A”


Ah I see – sorry I should have done the math. Thank you!

Not labelling them is going to create endless problem as seen here