Printing compatibility

For sure, we do need printing capabilities in DX PL with all major printers. Please include it in DXO PL 3.

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Can you, please, be more precise with the request? What exactly is missing?

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From what I can see, PhotoLab can print to any printer installed on the computer.

The only thing I would like to see is a better “Disposition” tab on the print dialog. I tend to use Photoshop to print correctly sized TIFF exports, due to the inability in PhotoLab to be able to size and place the image accurately, with unequal borders if required.


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yes, so for I couldn’t print anything correctly in PL2. I use a Canon Pro-10, sometimes Canson paper Rag 310mg, sometimes Canon paper, but I can’t configure correct margins in PL. Another issue is that the image in the final printout is cropped, just part of the image gets printed. Perhaps it is my inability to configure the print dialog box. But anyways, I can print from any other software such as Apple’s Preview, or Luminar 3.

There is also another post on printing problems on margins not being correctly sized. This was raised some time ago but nothing came of it.

and one of the earlier ones

I am also using a Canon Pro 10 and I get superb results by exporting a TIFF file to Lightroom and then printing from there. I was unable to get good results trying to print directly from Photolab

It rather defeats the object if you have to use a second program to be able to print. At lest FastStone Image Viewer which we use is free but its a pain having to export fromn PL just to pring with even borders! If FastStone Image Viewer can do very good printing options why can’t DXO get there to work as well?


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Okay got it - your requests have been sent to the team and PO.

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sgospodarenko any progress with sorting out the problems with printing? I ask as I have still have to print via another program to get the borders right.

Again is there any progress sorting this out as I have more printing to do and its a pain having to export to another program to get the borders even.


Some of the issues with the margins had been fixed and delivered. But it’s not a secret that Print module needs to be improved a lot and a dedicated story has been created. I can’t tell you anything about the time frame now as the team is working on higher-priority tasks.

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Thanks will give it another go latter. Done a quick test and the margins looked even. This is the problem of fixes NOT being listed when there are updates, customers never know what’s been fixed unless they find by accident or keep asking and are told in response

  • Yep, true. We have already had a discussion on it and will try to find a better way for it.

Svetlana G.

The test on A4 lazer was OK still not fixed on A3, wasted some sheets again. 3mm on right and 6mm on left. When will it be fully fixed? Printing via other programs DOS’T have this problem WHY can’t DxO get it sorted?

It’s about time printing is seriously addressed by DXO. This is why I recently slow down my use of DPL, and reserved it for online only/Digital only jobs, for friends or If I want to go “the good enough” aproach.

I bought a second hand Epson 7900 just after being refurbished by a digital media agency, best photo decision I took, along with my ditching of Canon full frame for medium format Pentax 645z (best value for money option currently).

The total Gamut of the 7900 exceed AdobeRGB by a significant margin, and DPL (and DXO before that) always has worked in a proprietary colorspace, that is in fact mimicing AdobeRGB (but they don"t want to admit it, must be some IP thing or licence money thing maybe). That is too bad because if you shoot raw, there is pretty good chance that your camera can capture way more subtleties in color information than just AdobeRGB. Even my oldest rebel from 2008 can capture more information in raw than the AdobeRGB can contain when processed in JPEG/TIFF.

Basically, if you work your raw file in DPL/DXO, you loose color information. Everything that is not within AdobeRGB is clipped (or compressed to fit within the AdobeRGB color space maybe? Engineers never confirmed).

If I want to use the full potential of my raw file for serious print job, and use the full potential of the rendering capabilities of the UltrachromeHDR inks from EPSON (which are not cheap by the way) especially since I got the medium format 645z, I have to start from CameraRAW (Photoshop), which, contrary of DPL, can work from the start in ProPhotoRGB which is the biggest color space of all.

It’s a pity, because I miss PRIME denoising, and many perks of my once beloved tool DXO/DPL

The best tradeoff is to output from DXO in TIFF16 bits (going more than AdobeRGB would require a significantly bigger filesystem, like TIFF32…which doesn’t exist as far as I know) and then print from Photoshop.

The second big problem is the lack of livepreview of the rendering intent, and the total lack of robust softproofing support : ie simulating the rendering of your picture on a given paper in perceptual/ or relative.

Again this is too bad, because, believe it or not, but DXO is capable of printing slightly more narrow (and pleasing) margins in A4 format, which I use often for previewing or giving prints to friends and family.

Long story short :

Manage ProphotoRGB from the start like cameraRAW and find a way to output bigger color space to photoshop

Please put some softproofing capabilities / live simulation of the paper profile and the rendering intent


Dear DXO PL staff,

is there any chance you fix the problem with printing? It does not work well!!


  • Yes, if you describe what exact problem you’ve got. Could you, please, provide us with the details of your problem?

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Svetlana G.

Paper A3 and A3+, printer Canon pro 10, Macbook, PL3.1.3 or updates.
Problem: image is cropped and not printed in its entirety, margins are uneven, some correct others incorrect.
In PL print dialogue box: DxO shapness, to 90%, DxO either cell size: Auto or specify does not work, always print wrong margins; Margins set to any number does not print correctly.

It prints correctly in A4 paper, but not A3.

Thanks, see message from Kyosato of 26 Jan as well. Lots to complain about.

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Hello @nortondudeque,

Thank you for the details. Most issues from your list are fixed on Win side but if you need them to be fixed on Mac, please, create a separate post here -

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Svetlana G.

Thanks Gregor but that is just profile referencing…It means you convert the values of your file to the reference of a given color space. It means also you state in your file which profile is the reference…

This is pretty much the same as choosing to display temperature in celsius degrees or Farenheit…but it doesn’t allow you to record much higher/lower temperatures.

For the analogy : Currently DxO and DPL are using a hardcoded thermometer that can only record/process/display a range of temperatures. Any temperature outside this range will be rounded/approximated to the nearest value that the thermometer is able to record with a “secret sauce” algorithm. but you loose information basically. Choosing the display/reference is different that changing the model of the thermometer to be able to record much higher/lower temperature…

This it what I’m asking. This color space limit is linked to the demosaicing algorithm of DxO now DPL since a long time ago…until DPL3 (I don’t know for DPL4 since DeepPRIME AI changed the demosaicing algorithm).

Long story short : when you shoot raw for serious printing…you loose color information with DPL, because your camera at the beginning of the chain, and your printer at the end can both capture and reproduce larger color space than DPL can process…It is about time DxO consider seriously printing and softproofing, but I suspect that implementing live softproofing is easy while updating the core algorithm…would be difficult.

An update or statement from the engineering, that the internal engine has been updated to compute large color space than just AdobeRGB, would be nice.

So far…you have to choose between color rendition (CameraRAW workflow from the start, or DeepPrime if you choose DPL from the start…or choose another software)

An even cleverer Idea : Let the people choose wich color space they want to use when they demosaicize the picture => Two choices : ARGB (standard edition) ARGB/ProPhoto (Elite Edition)