printing problems – alignment paper margins

I can’t print in DXO PhotoLab, I use a Canon Pro-10. I select paper size A3, for instance, but I don’t get the borderless option in the print dialog window. It frequently prints misaligned. What’s the trick?

I used to print through Canon’s own printing software which will give very good colour matching between screen and print - using TIFFs using either aRGB or sRGB. Almost never printed borderless though. I prefer borders, e.g a relatively wide white border with a fairly thin dark line around the image. It’s a pity that DPL cannot do this, unless I do it in two steps (add a dark border outside, export and then add a white border inside, again without possibility to make the bottom border a bit wider. Hence, I mostly print from Lightroom.

We find printing a problem, edges don’t print evenly. I use a Epson R3000 and its really difficult to get all 4 edges the same. Usually its easier to export and print via fastview or somthing else that can get the thing right. I think a long time ago printing was going to be revamped, but as with so many things it hasn’t been.

I use an Epson photo printer and trying to print from PL2 just does not work. I use the printer supplied software which although a bit dated in appearance works every time.

I guess there’s a Canon equivalent you can use.

Hopfully the print will at some stage be sorted out, but nothing happend last time these problems were raised.

I export a correctly sized TIFF and then use either Photoshop, Preview, or other more competent software.