Printing borders

I can’t reduce the margin white space. I thought this had been addressed in latest release… Apparently not.
I wonder when we can expect this essential module to work correctly… Disillusionment slowly setting in

What is it that you want? Print borderless? If so, you could post a feature request here.
Or add your request/requirement here.

Don’t forget to vote for your request.

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I have problems as well when printing directly from PL3, simply doesn’t work.
Printing from Macbook to Canon pro-10, margins in paper size A3+ are not properly set, the same with A3.
It is a long, long time ago request, but PL doesn’t seem to fix it.


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We were told it was going to be fixed but never had been.

Hello @Aubrey,

Mac or Windows platform?

Svetlana G.

I’m trying to print a 4"x6" 10x15 cm (101.6x152.4 mm) on a Canon ip&200, using the color managed by DxO.
I’ve set “crop to fill”
The default margins (in Landscape) are:
Left 2.95 mm
Right 5.04 mm
Top 3.39 mm
Bottom 3.42 mm

I am unable to decrease the “Right” from 5.04 mm (I can of course increase)

The cell size: 94.78 mm 144.4 mm is correct based on these margins.
Why can the margins not be made smaller?

I feel your pain, but I don’t blame PL. I think it’s more an issue with the print drivers that are supplied by HP, Canon and Epson. In order to see where the problem lays, you will need to provide a bit more info. Are you on windows or mac? Where are you trying to set those margins? PL or within the Printer Properties dialog? What are you printer Property settings? Sometimes this is a solvable problem, other times it is due to some very old printer technology I suspect.

If the printer doesn’t allow to print with no borders, than you can’t.
A printer has a printable area. I don’t know why you can’t decrease the right margin to the value of the left margin, mostly they are the same. Google for “printable area”.


I’ve been trying to print borderless from DPL3 on Mac.

This is what I did to get there:

Maybe the ip7250 is able to print borderless.

I had a different problem. Printing pdf with an extra margin on the left. I didn’t succeed. I can’t set the margins in combination with a pdf. :roll_eyes:


Hi Dennis,
I’m on Windows 10, latest version
Canon 7200i allows borderless printing (worked OK with LR and Affinity).

My real question is why PL sets different default margins for left,right,top and bottom?

I am using the Canon PL1 paper color profiles and disallowing printer color profiles.

I’m on PC. (W10 latest update) Layout is somewhat different. It looks like you can specify a 0 mm margin on Mac.

Just tried on different copmuter and I can now set margins to zero… strange. I’ll update all when I work out issue on other computer.


It sounds like a printer driver issue. Good luck.

I use an Epson in Windows. I always have to set the margins differently. Use it through a different program and no problem. My wife will not messabout so exports and uses quick view and I have used it and other programs but prefer to print from the raw original. As I said earlier this hasr come up many times, the print modusl was an early addition to the processing program. The last time we were told, again as said above, that it would be sorted. It’s not you it is s problem in the.old print modual.

I removed the printer setup (after selecting the specific details) recreated agsin selecting no border, size 6x4, fi e print, color managed by PL. Saved this in the printer software. Now PL let’s me do what I want with the margin.
Thank you all for your support and suggestions.
Aubrey :grinning:

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