Possibility to change the "Whites" in the selective tone color in the light pallet


please add a possibility to change the intensity of the “Whites” in the selective tone color tool in the light pallet.

Lonstarpogrubiony tekst

Hello @Lonstar,

You can vote for your suggestion as it’s important for making decisions when we select the most required features.

Svetlana G.

To be honest, I’m always a bit confused with Whites, Highlights or Lights and how they are defined in each application. What is it that you miss in PL? Can you show an example picture and the desired outcome?

Hi Christian!

My biggest issue with the current “Selective Tone” arrangement is You have no control over the “roll-off” of the various sliders. Different images benefit from different settings and not a “one size fits all” approach as we now have.

Below in Fig.1 is a screenshot of Photoshop’s “Camera Raw” parametric sliders. I have circled in magenta the adjustment points that set the influence of the various sliders below them.