Possibilité de déplacer les masques de recadrage avec les touches de direction


When we use the cropping tool in non-automatic mode, it no longer takes into account the limits of the image. In itself, it is not embarrassing and can sometimes even be useful. But for more precision in moving the frame, it could be useful to be able to move it pixel by pixel using the keyboard direction keys… the mouse or trackpad lacks precision in vertical and/or horizontal movements.

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Right now, to do this I have to zoom in first. Then I can see the position of the frame accurately in relation to the edges of the image. And I can move it one pixel at a time using the mouse. I don’t understand how using the keyboard will help with this, since I still have to zoom in to see the crop frame accurately, and then have to decide what I want to move: the whole crop frame or just one side of it. I usually move just one side or one corner at a time, but it sounds like what you’re proposing is to move the whole frame.

When you say; “it no longer takes into account the limits of the image” - do you mean that you believe that it once did (in an earlier version of PL, perhaps) … I cannot recall that (tho, that doesn’t mean it’s not so !)

I usually choose my cropping formats from the classic formats (4x3, 3x2, 16x10…) and I start from the proposal made by PL that I move or stretch. Most often this displacement is horizontal or vertical, so already aligned by PL on one of the edges of the image. Moving with the arrow keys will keep the horizontal or vertical alignment while the mouse is not precise enough to slide in one of these directions without “slipping”.

No, I just want to say that it is not possible to constrain resizing to the only area of the image as proposed by automatic cropping. For example, in case of strong distortion correction (use of a very wide angle) it is possible to include black areas by moving the frame and it is difficult to select to the nearest pixel with the mouse.

See also these feature requests which we can still vote for:

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You can always use the new Reshape tool(requires a Viewpoint 4 license) to stretch the black corners out of the frame. It works great, I use this technique quite frequently.