PLv7: Color Accentuation (Saturation & Vibrancy) merged into the HSL tool ... Good or Bad?

Simple – but not user friendly !!

when you left the → TAB *)

you were still in Local Adjustment edit mode
(in your case with Auto mask ON)

see your → screenshot
Screen Shot 10-02-23 at 10.33 AM

to deactivate the LA edit mode you have to undo the currently chosen → Auto mask **)

*) this TAB shows the LAs, but has no switch functionality

**) to finish the LA edit mode – you also can hit ENTER or ESCAPE

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NOTE: This thread refers to the Global version of HSL … NOT the version available on the LA-Tab

Here’s an example;

  1. Before clicking on the Reset button (on RHS)
    image … includes changes to the “Cyan” channel

  2. After clicking on the Reset button (on RHS)
    image … resets ONLY the “Cyan” channel

The global Sat & Vib settings (annoyingly conflated into the HSL tool) are unchanged.

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@Wolfgang I am distinctly unimpressed with the way that the Local Adjustments now work!

I like the new menus and may actually start using LA where I have not in the past, other than Linear Gradient which I have used for some time.

But the method for turning them on and off is just plain obtuse!

So If I want to select an item that already exists I click on the LA item and I can then use any and all of the edits, ‘Exposure’ in the example below,

to apply those edits to the chosen LA item but to start a new mask or extend/add to an existing mask I new to select the tool BUT I must de-select the tool otherwise it will remain active in the main edit screen and I could have new mask after new mask after ,

Naming the masks is essential and the DxPL text editor is still as useless as it is when used everywhere else, i.e. mouse clicking and the editor, particularly when trying to find the end of a piece of text, is a nightmare!

Thanks @Wolfgang it sort of makes sense.

@John-M That is what I was addressing in my original posts so what happens on my system is this all on at Sat=100

Press the reset button and

All gone!!

Plus since I have now decided that the ‘Color Accentuation’ with Sat=100 may not be the same as “Master” channel at 100% we have an issue with “Master” becoming a replacement for CA!

Please note that my chosen Gamut for the images I have been testing is ‘Classic Legacy’ and this line appears in a Partial Preset I created on PL610

I just changed it to ‘Wide Gamut’ and repeated my test above and it still resets all the “Global” image HSL edits, including the Master (White Channel) shown here in the presets

PS:_ So something on your system/Edit is “protecting” the “Master” setting or something on mine means they are all selected for the reset!?

Bryan - - The sliders you are looking at (shown in your screenshot) are NOT those relating to the Global channel … they’re related to the “Orange” channel.

image - - “Orange” channel selected.

@John-M I thought you might spot that but it is immaterial, the reset is not selective


I repeat the Global HSL reset (and the LA HSL reset) clears all in PL7.0.1 on my Win 10 system and on PL6.10.

PS:- Master set and light blue set and light blue selected

Before reset

After Reset

I have tried all sorts of combinations and the rest always rests all the HSL settings every time.

Ahhh - I’m still running EA RC3 … I noticed that PLv7.01 included “fix for minor bugs

Looks like DxO may have considered this a “bug fix” - when, in fact, they’ve just added another negative impact to the foolish conflation of Color Accentuation into HSL !!

Edit: I have reported this as a bug - here.

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@John-M At last we get to the bottom of this particular puzzle RC3 is on my test i7 machine I am running down the remaining days of my free trial on my Main i7 !

But it also opens up other issues, If I am correct about the fact that CA Sat=100 is not identical to HSL “Master” Sat = 100 then we have a problem that the CA “replacement” may make subtle changes to an image, with Sat = 100 those differences are distinctly unsubtle!

Since there is now one control less for global saturation (only the one in the HSL menu remains in v7), what happens when opening images done in previous version and which have custom saturation settings applied both in HSL menu and in color accentuation tab ?
Does backward compatibility works here ?
Or does those images look no more like what they should ?

Hi, thanks for all the testing information which still prevents me from testing version 7 at all, not even on a virtual HyperV W11 system.

But it also shows that we are still comparing apples and oranges if we don’t get into the habit of specifying the technical data of the systems on which we test.
And this includes not only the technical data such as CPU, graphics card, graphics driver version, virtual or bare, etc., but also the operating system version, patch level, version of the software with major and minor details, etc.

This would probably avoid some confusion.

Happy testing


@JoPoV My first test with PL7.0.0 was to test that situation, CA to HSL “Master” (White) but I didn’t even vaguely understand HSL so that test was to ensure that the CA values made it to HSL which they did!

But we now have a situation of CA setting + HSL “Master” setting on a PL6 edit transitioning to 7 plus what detectable image changes may result, if any.

However, I developed those Partial Presets on PL6 so that you can go and use them to conduct your own tests on PL6 HSL which is little changed on PL7 except for the demise of CA on PL7.

So using those presets you can set up the scenarios for

  1. CA versus HSL
    1 CA
    2 HSL
    3 Compare CA to HSL
  2. CA + HSL (versus the results from 1.1 and 1.2)
  3. HSL “Master” only
  4. HSL Colour Channels only
  5. HSL “Master” + Colour Channels

on you own images and come to your own conclusions.

@Guenterm what about my weight, height and inside leg measurement as well.

Sorry, you are correct but I don’t actually have all those details to hand but I think that DxO is logging that away somewhere so I need to look!

However, aren’t you “lucky” that some of us have taken the plunge and are actually trying PL7 released versions, so far 7.0.0 and 7.0.1 to give you a better insight.

The reset button is for the entire colour wheel. To reset a single channel, just double-click on that dot.

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Hi Bryan,

that’s what I’ve said with my intro “Hi, thanks for all the testing information which still prevents…” :star_struck:

Hi again,

that is what I don’t understand…by looking to your system you will got all the informations.

Or did I understand something wrong?

But it doesn’t matter …I enjoy reading all the posts :grinning:

It does - sort of !

The setting for Saturation via Color Accentuation (in PLv6) does not equate exactly to the same % setting as it does for the conflation (ie. mixing & merging) of CA into HSL with PLv7 … but, when PL opens an image previously processed with PLv6 - it converts the PLv6 settings for Sat & Vib into “equivalent” settings for Sat & Vib on the global channel (the white one) for PLv7’s HSL tool.

BUT, the result is that global Sat & Vib settings (previously set via Color Accentuation) are no longer independent settings … and this mix-up has now been made even worse with PLv7.01 (now that resetting HSL settings ALSO resets global Sat & Vib settings) … Ahhhh !!!

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@Guenterm Thank you for the thank you I hope that the cheque is in the post sorry mail!

I can go looking I just find it tedious to have to dig all the details out of the system and out of whichever machine I am using!

@John-M then if you only want to clear the Colour channel settings do what @Joanna reminded me you can do or use the correct “crude” preset from the Partial Preset bunch I included in the earlier post and get DxO to change their mind, I’m holding my breath!

But what if both have been set on PL6?


  1. That requires that I separately double-click on each non-global channel “dot” to reset each one - one by one


  1. I’m not just thinking of myself - I’m thinking of the average Joe punter who doesn’t understand, when he/she clicks on the HSL reset button, that global Sat & Vib settings will be reset too !

Then resetting one of them (or disabling one of them) would not ALSO do the same for the other.

So when original v6.xx (or less than v6.xx) image have custom saturation settings applied both in HSL menu and in color accentuation, v7.xx “import” mixes those 2 values into 1 “a backward compatible way”_* , if I understand well.


_*_I mean image rendering does not change.

@John-M agreed but the preset can be used in the interim by those prepared to use it and the rest are going to get a potentially unwelcome results.

@John-M Sorry I was referring to what “algorithm” is DxO going to apply if the user has used both the CA setting for Sat and the HSL “Master” channel setting for Sat? How likely that is in practice I don’t know!

@JoPoV has just responded with

Is that what we believe happens? I haven’t tested that scenario and am about to go out and start cleaning down gutters etc. ready for the changing season so it will have to wait until later.

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Don’t feel obliged. My question is just in case someone has already investigated this case.
I feel like I’m filling you in on a to-do list. :face_with_monocle:

Yes - That’s how it works.

BUT, this approach is overly complicated - with all the confusions and implications that this thread explains.

I can see what DxO were aiming to do - but this was the wrong solution - IMO.

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