PLEASE ! Creation of Panoramas Needed!

it will be a plus, but DxO has SO DAMN MANY things to fix first …


Oui la création de panorama, d’autres logiciels le font très bien.
Oui le catalogage d’autres logiciels le font très bien.
Pourquoi utiliser un logiciel par fonction alors que la concurrence propose des logiciels beaucoup plus complets.
A mon avis, il faudra que DxO propose de nouvelles choses et assez rapidement.

Personnellement, la chose qui m’irrite le plus c’est de ne pas pouvoir nommer les exports à ma guise, c’est incompréhensible…

You don’t need it, that’s different

Peut être, mais j’utilise DxO. Devoir acquérir des soft juste pour un outil par ici, une fonction par là…, c’est fatiguant. Je ne demande pas le HDR, focus stacking et j’en passe :laughing:

Finalement, pas étonnant qu’Adobe s’en sorte haut la main ou qu’ On1 prenne autant de galons.

DXO is not supposed to do everything, and shouldn’t be expected to. It is a great RAW converter, and works well with Photoshop and other programs that can do more things–like create panoramas.

I don’t understand why people want panorama stitching in PL.

Firstly, to stitch panoramas you need to demosaic all the images into some RGB format like tiff and then do the stitching to create another RGB file. So, you are NOT stitching RAW files and your resulting panorama is NOT a RAW file.

Contrary to what a lot of people think, Lightroom does NOT create RAW panoramas but rather a DNG file with something like a tiff inside the DNG wrapper.

PL is a great RAW converter and I doubt DxO will ever be able to compete with dedicated panorama stitching software.

So, use PL to convert your images to something like 16-bit tiffs and some other dedicated software for the stitching. This way you get the best of both worlds.


DxO might be able to output stitched linear DNG :innocent: … so demosaick, NR and optic corrections applied … you assumption that it must to be further processed than classic linear DNG stage ( so no need for any WB and any color transforms , etc, etc ) it not correct

Welcome to the User Forum, Mat …

In the meantime, do you need any recommendations for a good pano-stitcher ?
… I use “ICE”.

John M

I use Panoramastudio

Indeed, you’re right about the perfect protocol for creating panoramas. It would be possible to convert RAWs with PL, have the option of stitching them and obtain a TIFF, a file on which corrections could still be applied (if they haven’t been made before stitching). This is what LR does, and the result is fine for most users. Having to buy other software for a few dozen shots a year is a hindrance. DxO offers third-party softwares, for black & white, pure RAW, etc. Why not a good panorama software (included in PL or with an offer if you take PL + this software) ?

What stitching programs do you recommend that are easy to learn?

If you want open source software then Hugin is really good but you need time to learn it and some experimenting. This is what I use and get great results.

I have used a couple of other commercial software before but find that Hugin gives me the best results!

If you search for “PANORAMA” you get at least three older requests:

But this is not the main thing PhotoLab has to do.

Like @John-M I use Microsoft Ice. It’s free and no-nonsense. It’s not developed anymore but you can still get it.
I once compared it with Affinity and Ice did win.


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One other thing about Hugin is it does multi line panoramas.

Here is an example that, if I remember correctly, is made of 12 x 32mp images in two lines of 6 images. This is of a very famous Bushman rock painting in Namibia called “The White Lady” and is about 2000 years old.

I think this forum reduces the size of posted images but the original is 55mp.

All images were taken handheld!

There are so many problems with PL that need to be fixed first. Some of them have been around for years.

I use MS ICE. it works very well, simple to use and is free.

I tried others including Lightroom. The Lightroom feature was very poor. I don’t know what it is like now but ICE was good from the start - that is why MS bought it.

I don’t know if ICE exists in the Mac world.

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I don’t think Microsoft bought it. It’s a product of their own.

And windows off course. :grinning:


A long time ago, I read that ICE was a derivative of Autostitch. The concepts behind that were available via a licence from UBC.

Could be mistaken though.

I am not against having the ability to stitch panoramas in PhotoLab, but I can think of a hundred or more new features, updates to current features, backlogged enhancements, bug fixes, and UI issues that need to be addressed first. Since DxO at most adds 8 or 10 new features and feature updates a year to PhotoLab, I suspect it would take a number of years before they add something like a panorama feature which is a bit out of scope for a raw editor. This, of course, assumes they have any interest in adding it at all. I would not hold my breath waiting for DxO to implement it.



You can use Kolor’s Autopano Giga, super powerful, pretty close to artifacts-free, and great thing is it is actually free:

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If you can’t start the Kolor’s Autopano Giga: on my win 11 machine, I deleted the two outdated dlls: libeay32.dll and ssleay32.dll, then it works well.