Please can you update the software version to be unique for each version update file

I’m new to PhotoLab, but I find it surprising and a house-keeping rookie mistake to inform me/us that there is an new update but that update filename is the same as the previous filenames I’ve been downloading???

If there is an update (eg 3.2), at least name the file with a suffix that is the same as that actual version number. Don’t just keep the filename generic, leaving it to your users to have to rename a filename when they will have NO idea what the version number actually is (you would know that)…

Quite simply, I find it lazy and sloppy.



Has happened for years.

It certainly isn’t rocket science nor hard to do either


Since the V6.3 the version is indicated in the property of the file.
This is the case for all DXO software, PL was the last where the version was not indicated.

well… that doesn’t look like this on a Mac, files are like: dxo_photolab5.dmg or replace the 5 by the version you have.

It is I who renamed them according to the version number which is in the properties of the file.
The name of the downloaded file is dxo_photolab6_setup.exe

Yes, this has been previously asked for. I remember that the change was implemented for a short time and then retracted. You can add your vote here:

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I download the installer for macOS as soon as DPL tells me that an update is pending. After download, I add the version and build numbers to the filename and keep an arbitrary number of installers for supported versions.

We can always download the current version from the website or shop account. The download URL can be found in the info window (command-I) of the downloaded file(s). Add these URLs as bookmarks. They will be usable as long as DxO does not change something.

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I do something the same. But I wonder if using an older setup also results in an older version of pl. I never tried it.


Dxo lacks of basic common sense in a lot of areas …

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I also asked several times for showing the main version in the top bar. So not only DXO but DXO 6. When comparing the different versions it’s not easy visible what version it is.


This seems to be a mainly Windows problem. The Mac menu bar, which is always visible clearly shows the full name and version when the app is active, as does the app icon in the Dock on the bottom of the screen.

Every other windows software I use shows it’s version in the title bar.

This is NOT a windows problem. Only a DxO choice.

it’s about file name when you download PL, it’s always the same and if you just want to save it as previous version you have to rename them or it will overwrite as they have… same name.
it would be nice if when you download PL the file name will be like dxo_photolabe5.0.9.build88 which is what the version you just downloaded is. (this example is the version I’m running now).

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The original poster, ie me, didn’t ask for this - maybe you should create your own post for this requirement of your own.

I am specifically talking about new file version naming conventions when opening the software and it notifies you of an new update - that new filename always has the same name as previous downloads, ie. no suffix to inform the user what the file version is, and so when saving the file locally, one has to make a name up until one knows what version number has been installed (after installation) and then rename it afterwards.

Just add the version number to the filename - it’s 101 basic stuff.

That is (exactly) what I do on my Mac: add version and build numbers.

I used to keep the latest 2-3 installers on my older Macs. Now, I store (all) installers for the currently supported versions. Still plenty of free space in my current Mac :wink:

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I do the same but with Windows :wink:

So, I don’t understand very well.
I don’t do updates in a hurry (I don’t like bad surprises), so I still have those windows opening when running photolab.

The first one gives you all informations about your current version :

The second one gives all version infos about the update :

So what are you missing ?

look 2 post up, that’s the point you missing.
it’s not about the version you running when you start the program, but about the file naming when you download the software.

I still do not understand :

here are some photolab installers I downloaded. Everything is named as needed I think.

@JezUK is missing the fact that despite all these details being available at the time of download or after the event the actual file that is downloaded is always called:
where N is just major version number, 5, 6 etcand not the full version number, 5.11.0, 5.11.1 etc.

@JezUK stated this very clearly: