Please can you update the software version to be unique for each version update file

Sorry my last uploaded image shows the name of the files I downloaded. And the naming seems ok.

Not in my case
Unless I renamed them by reflex (I can do that), but I don’t think so.

I just tried to download and I have that

I’m still curious what one will get when trying to install an older version.


So I did that by reflex … (I never let bad named files, so probably some inconscious CTR+C, CTL+V between those windows).

I don’t get that full message with the version number in the dialog box.

I’m new to this Phototools and I believe I have the Essentials version, so I just get a very small message saying there is an update, no version numbers are mentioned at all in that small dialog box.

Also, my messages come a lot later than others, because for some reason, I can’t yet be trusted and posts I type have to be approved by moderators first…

This is normal for a new member, not only on these forums. So far, you have only contributed 5 messages and only read 4 subjects. Try reading more messages and your “status” should be upgraded.

Maybe this is why you don’t have those windows.
I don’t know about essential version, but :
You can check wich version in the help(menu)/about (if there’s one on the essential version).
Or you can go to your account to know that too.
You too can enable (if not enabled, and if exist on essential version if it is the one you’ve got) help/dxohub wich tells your current version of photolab when opening it (the first picture I posted above).