Please bring back the "position reference" in the Image Browser

With the version 2 upgrade of PhotoLab we lost the information in the Image Browser that indicates the relative position of the current image - with reference to the total number of images in the folder.

Now, in the middle of applying corrections to a folder full of images, it’s no longer possible to get any information about the degree of progress one has made.

  • PL version 1.2 --> DxO_PL12_ImageBrowser

  • PL version 2 ----->DxO_PL20_ImageBrowser

Also, it would be helpful to have the navigation controls back too !

John M

Given all the the possible things that could have been changed in PL2 I’m amazed they took the time to remove those two useful features which now makes navigation more difficult. What were they thinking?



i didn’t upgrade yet but eh that’s a mistake. Why? it is not a thumbbreaker that it is gone but it has serveral advantages over a just imagecount.
Are there more things gone?

I haven’t noticed any others but that may be because they weren’t that important to me. I didn’t even notice the navigation tools were gone for several days.


Does make one wonder what criteria they use to remove such simple yet useful items. Unless it is part of a larger upgrade that we haven’t seen yet, it does seem rather mean to add a handicap for the ordinary user.


Ohh so they are gone?
I was sure I just had disabled them by mistake somehow and never found how to enable them again.

I really hope they return.

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i know that feeling.
searching for something i am sure of ive seen before and can’t pin my finger on the target. :unamused:
Most of the time it’s indeed me, but sometimes your lucky and it’s someone else!!:sweat_smile:

Simple items for navigation are ideal for blunt and quick search. So yes i would like something similair back. i hope they just forget to implement the arrows and positionreference/counter in the new image browser.


The computer code has been completely rewritten and this feature not yet implemented.


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Hello guys,

It was removed by purpose and unfortunately, I expected this complaint :frowning_face: Let me ask @lucho to reply.

Thank you

Svetlana G.

Hi folks,

A bit clarification, the indication “1/10” didn’t indicate the relative position of the image VS the total number of images displayed. It was here to indicate the number of images currently selected. We’ve noticed there was a misunderstanding here. It’s the reason why today the indication is only displayed if you’re selecting at least 2 images in the gridview.

About the arrows navigation, as reported by some of you, we’ve removed those functions at least one month ago. Basically, we’ve noticed that for most users, they mainly use the mouse or the keyboard arrows to navigate on the grid view (or filmstrip) and rarely with the previous arrows navigation. The same was the case for the Print button.
In terms of visual design, it was also a good opportunity to clean up a bit the user interface because we know there will be more functions on the grid view in the future. So, priority for the main functions and indications in this area.

However, the main reason is more general. We know that some new users think that it’s difficult to find the main functions because there are too much information or things displayed in the interface. We definitely need to improve that 1st user experience pain point in order to make the app more engaging and more predictable for new users.

Of course, what I’m talking about doesn’t prevent us to make some advanced functions available. So, why not to display the previous arrows “functions” but definitely with some improvements to ensure that it fits the current needs, especially for the grid view which didn’t exist before.

See you,


This explaination makes sense. I belong to the people, that never have used these controls. While reading this feature request for the first time, I could not understand what 1/14 should mean, if it were a position with multi selection active. It is really missleading if the text displays the selection count, while the arrows control the selected index.

Not sure if I’m going off on a tangent but following up on Lucho’s comment about cleaning up the UI I’ve noticed on images from Windows users that when an image is selected in the strip the whole panel lights up in blue. I’m a Mac user and we only get a very fine blue line and the image panel becomes a pale grey which isn’t too many shades away from un-selected images. This sometimes takes me a bit of careful checking when scrolling through images to make sure I’m on the right image particularly if I have a few virtual copies as well.
Not sure what other Mac users might feel about a blue panel … do windows users find it distracting? Maybe the fine blue line could be a few pixels wider …
Just a thought

Ah, yes ! - - That was my misunderstanding when I raised this issue (It becomes obvious when multiple images are selected).

Yes, that’s true of me too … but I do (or did!) find it handy to have the navigation controls in some situations.

John M

I had one such example just now: I have a folder with a large number of images that I’m processing with PL.

I sorted them into ISO-setting order and I wanted to select all images with ISO above a certain value - No problem … except that I had to scroll with mouse-wheel for what seemed like forever, just to be able to select all eligible images … whereas, I used to simply use the >>| (fast-forward to end) button - which was MUCH faster.

Not a big deal, I guess - there are work-arounds … but it would be handy to have (some form of) the navigation buttons back.

John M

Thx for you feedback because it means we really need to make it more obvious.
I think sometimes to make things obvious, we need to be more direct.

If the infos are displayed as:

  • 200 displayed | 2 selected

And if you apply a filter as:

  • 155 filtered | 2 selected


  • 2 / 155 {200} images (the current version)

Is it more obvious for you?

Hi, briefly because it’s not the right thread :slight_smile:
You’re right, we need to improve that point on Mac.
We already aware about that issue. I’ll see with the team what you can implement quickly to help you

Hi John,
As a workaround, you can do it directly with the scroll bar.
For example in one single click, you can reach the end of the list.
Does it fit your need here?
See you

It would be optimal for me, if it would be:

Use Case 1: When filter is active, which causes a real subset to be displayed:

155 / 200 displayed | 2 selected

Use Case 2: No filter active, or filter has no effect:

200 displayed | 2 selected

I would not use the term “filter”, because it is not clear whether the subset has passed the filter, or has been filtered away.

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Ok I take note of it.
Does everyone agree on that way? because if it’s the case we’ll do it :slight_smile:
See you,


Have you tried using the keyboard Home and End keys. Not sure if you’re on a PC or a MAC but on a PC they do pretty much the same thing as the << and >> keys did. and of course the arrow keys work to move one image at a time. We are so used to using a mouse these days that we sometimes forget we have alternatives.