Please add a new resize option for setting LONG side to a value

I often need to size an image for the long side to be a specific value. Currently I have to have either have two export options depending on Landscape or Portrait orientation, or adjust the resize for each export. This would also help in batch exporting multiple images where there is a mixture of portrait or landscape photos.

You have my vote but …
this is a verrrrrrrrrrrrry hold (and recurrent) resquest.
I don’t knox why it is still not in place !

Isn’t that exactly what you get when specifying “Largest size” in the the Export-to-disk interface ?
(Or, am I not understanding something ?!)

John M


The request is

E.g images for a HD TV
Horizontal max size in 1900 pixel but
Vertical max size is also 1900 px for a vertival orientation !


Ahh - OK. Gotcha.



I’m sorry but I still don’t get what you want that you say DxO doesn’t do.

As @John-M says, when exporting to disk, you can specify a maximum size, which always applies to the longest side of an image.

For example, I have just exported two images, one portrait, the other landscape. I wanted the portrait one to be 1536px tall and the landscape one to be 1536px wide. So I set the maximum size to 1536px and got two images: one portrait at 1025px x 1536px, and one landscape at 1536px x 1025px.

Isn’t that what you wanted?

If you do the same thing, what exactly do you get that’s different from that?

No problem :wink:
For a slideshow on your TV
Maximal horizontal size = 1900 px
Maximal vertical size = 1200 px

For a vertical orientation image, the size is 1900 px and the TV must to resize your image.
So there must be 2 max size.


Hmmm. Seems like a a need but then what happens when you also have square images? Which of the two choices should apply for them? Or should there then be a third?

You might say, for a television, to follow the vertical size, but what about those who prepare images for vertical LCD billboards?

I would suggest that the better option would be to add a filter for landscape/portrait and use whichever export setting suits the orientation.

Yes something like that :wink:
I’m not a software developer.


Hi all, thanks for the discussions and replies. I was wrong and this does work as expected.

BUT, I actually got this mixed up as I wanted to set either the vertical or horizontal dimension to a particular size. This is particularly useful for panoramas which I stitch from multiple photos. I want the vertical dimension to be say 1080 and the horizontal to size set accordingly so that I can zoom the panorama to full vertical height and scroll the panorama to see all the detail. So, for panoramas, the horizontal dimension could be huge in comparison the vertical dimension.

I will start another request for this option.

Hi Keith - - Here’s the workaround that I use, when I have requirement similar to yours.

I use Irfan Viewer (free for non-commercial use);

  • Open the image with Irfan
  • Invoke the Image-Resize (Ctrl-R) tool - - It will display the Width & Height of the image
  • Enter the required vertical/height size - and Irfan will calculate the corresponding horizontal/width
  • Enter the calculated horizontal/width size as “Largest Size” value in the PL Export dialogue …

It’s a bit “clunky” - but it works just fine.

Regards, Johbn M

Hi John M,

thanks for your reply but I do not want to have to use another tool to do this - just another unnecessary step. I am a long-time user of IrfanView and do use it for this sort of thing. Lightroom provided this function but I no longer use it as I much prefer PhotoLab.


Hello Everyone
Thanks for your feedback as always.

I’ve already answered to this specitif topic (additional output settings for export, that will be available in a future update of PhotoLab) in this thread :

I’ll close this one and release the votes. :slight_smile:

The DxO Team