Export option to choose a maximum dimension for either vertical or horizontal edge

I work with a lot of panoramas and when exporting would like to set the vertical dimension to a maximum size while keeping the aspect ratio. This would result in a very large horizontal dimension in comparison to the vertical dimension. I can then scroll the panorama at full height to check for detail.

For panoramas, mostly you do not know the horizontal dimension so setting a maximum for the vertical dimension is ideal. I do not know if this is also relevant for the opposite, say for vertical panoramas but if an option is provided for the vertical dimension then it should be a simple matter of doing the same for the horizontal dimension.

Awesome. Such good information.

Hi @KeithRJ and thanks for your suggestion.

Export options have already been mentionned before and we intend to provide more of them regarding output formats in a future update of PhotoLab, among them, defining Max vertical or horizontal edge.

I close this topic and release the votes.

Thanks :wink:

The DxO Team